Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today is the second day of 2010.I was soo busy lately until I forgot which date belong for Christmas, new year eve and new year.. Because to me, 25 December 2009 was a busy day packing 'door gift' stuff for the wedding day. 31 December 2009, I was rushing back from KL after crazy full 8-5 classes day,heading back home and reached Ipoh around 1130pm. 12AM of 1st January 2010, I was helping sister decorating her room. 1st January, is my sis 'akad nikah' day, and today, is the wedding day.

It is exhausting. I dont know why ppl even bother to get married? Tell me again, why ppl get married?

So, for this year resolutions,
  1. I swear Im gonna read much more than I sleep
  2. Kick ass in final exam
  3. Thats all.Tak de dah.
And as usual, resolutions is just the words. Year after year, ppl keep making resolutions or repeating the same one. Same goes to me. LOL

And January, OMG! Counting days for Grey's Anatomy, Greek, Ugly Betty, Chuck. Ok ok stop. Ingat azam nombor dua.