Monday, September 29, 2008


Im not being over-react, its just feels sooooooooooo good having a chance to eat during Puasa. MyGOD!( I might sound so jahil rite now) Chill people. Its just, being everyone's tongue during Ramadhan, is good. I mean, u canprevent all the disasters dat might happen to ur kuih raya or ur dishes. And like today, my sisters and I, we were making muffins. Choc muffins. How cool was that?

Not really cool anyway. My sis said, sumtin is wrong wif my taste bud.. Is it???? I taste everytin just the same. I kept repeating the same answer,- "apesal mcm xrase ek???".. hahahahah

I helped my mom making Almond London. Luckily, sempat curi one and do it as my very own way. COOL sgt.. Skali tgk mcm Cupcake. hahahaha

As the trend of publicly xpuasa is so 'in' rite now, im boo-ing all the grown-ups of not puasa and stupidly makan depan public?? Bangge sgt ekk dpt title Jahil??

Dun trust me ppl??? Go to Chow Kit market during lunch time.. Also, some of Kg Baru restaurants who serve meal to customer (i mean Muslims) during dat time. Bodo nye korg!
I dont blame the law, politics, education. I blame his very self.

Friday, September 26, 2008


SEPTEMBER is always been a blast. Well, apart of having dis stupid injury, i welcomed September as the most coolest month thru out the year. Dun get jealous people.

Actually,im just being so- overwhelmed with the released of few siries in this months. Gossip Girl 2nd season 1st September, Grey's Anatomy 25th September, and I heard Heroes also has been released within dis month but im not quite sure bout the exact date.

Well2, baby September.We're coming at the end of it. But, hope to see more and more siries come out ahead. Im waiting for Ugly Betty, for sure!

Why Today???

I woke up dis morning, i had the same painful experience as 2 years back. 2years back, i had dis plantar fasciitis, so-called the sportsman injury. I cannot walk for 2 days. I crawled, i walked with crutches, dat was hideous experience.

And today,on the day dat i've been waiting throughout the year, ihave it again. More likely, with the severe pain. i hate it so much. I should be outside by now, celebrating my day wif my friend, and yet here I am. Laying down on my bed, wif my laptop beside me. Praying and hoping that this pain would go away any minute.

My mom called me.She asked me about the condition. Sadly, she couldnt understand what i was trying to say. My mom said "too much of medical term, i cannot understand and my biology knowledge is not that much" . She said, she was having rheumatoid round wif doctor, so she passed the phone so that i can talk to the doctor myself.

*NERVOUS..NERVOUS..* (cuak tau ckp ngan doctor,kang die test anatomy skills aku,kantoi laa..)

I talked to the doctor.huhuhu.. naseb baik xde pape. Dis fellow, Dr Chan, he tembak me with loads of anatomical term. Ape laa Doc. Nasib baik aku paham. Luckily, the 1st year anatomy i didnt forget. Hehehehehehehehe.

Anyways, Dr Chan is not the main character here. I, on the other hand. am the main character,main purpose,main event of dis post. I questioned a lot.

Why today?
Why few days before raya?
What im gonna do wif my wedgeses? ( i bet dat the es refer for plural of wedges)
Am i going to raya on the wheelchair?
Am i going to be handicap?
Am i going to involve myself wif crutches again?
How long til dis pain would go away?
What have I done in my life til I got this big punishment?
Am i having some serious disease instead of plantar fasciitis?
What if,it is not plantar fasciitis? (take note dat plantar fasciitis is pain under heal, while im having pain at the lateral side of plantar, between toe and ankle)
What else could it hurt???

Sunday, September 21, 2008


After almost 2months, finally.I came back. I wanted soooo badly 2 come home loong time ago,tp ade masalah2 yg xleh nk dielakkan.

Yesterday,I woke up early.After solat, I didnt went back 2 sleep.Packed barang, then tros cbot g Puduraya. (padehal tiket pukul 10). But, mak asked me to stop by kat Chow Kit. Dia da mngidam ikan bilis Chow Kit yg muraaaaaaah sgt,katenye.

Ciss!!Aku dah pkai vogue2 nie,die soh g Chow Kit laks.So, I took another bag,which larger than my handbag, the I stuffed my handbag inside it. Alalalalallaallaal bukan ape sgt.Tp xnak laa handbag aku yg cun melecun tuh, dicemari ngan bau-bauan di pasar Chow Kit tuh.

Then, I reached Puduraya around 830.Lame gile aku tunggu.Buhsan na mampos.

Naik je atas bas,aku tido mcm singa kengantokan! Xpdulik lgsong ade hot Indian guy sblah aku. Muke dah laa mcm Arjun Rampal. huahuahua.

Reached Spg Pulai around 12..Guess wut?? Tmn Bersatu dah ade 7eleven !!! Dasat seyh.. Kampung Baru pon xde 7e.. kehkehkhekkeh..

My home~ with or without 7eleven. its doesnt change any better or worse.It is still my home.
Home sweet home!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ITC & PTC at Bangi

One whole day at PLPP,Bangi. At first, i thot we'll be doing those intervention thingy as been told b4..Rupe2nye ktorang ade lectures on driving assessment etc. Trust me, that was one long whole day.

And i was suffering a backpain which annoyed me soo much.

Bangi, is one hell panas giler. I rather stay in KL,panas2 pon, byk skycrappers. Bole tumpang berteduh! tee~hee

Mr Sulaiman from Uitm showing us the Stroke Driver Screening assessment.

The modified vehicle for disabled. Dare u try?

Ili having her nervous breakdown.HAHAHA.1st tym bwk keta dow. Modified for OKU lak tuh.

Aku memborong sakan!Murah gile.Rm1 setin.Abusing the OKU subsidi.haha

Im showing off my super power skills.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Mengapa saya suka Ramadhan??

  1. Bazaar Ramadhan! Kalau malas,pegi bazaar dkat hkl aje. Tp kalu rajin sikit, bole pegi Bazaar Kg Baru. Masya-Allah! seronok gile bazaar kg baru. Mcm2 ada!
  2. Nasi Lemak Kukus Kg Baru hanya dijual dgn harga Rm1.50. hahahaha. Sedap nk mampos,nasi die banyak lak tuh.
  3. Kerabu Mangga lak RM4 aje.Hari2 share ngan Fana.RM2 sorg.dah laa banyak. 2 perut pon susah nk abeskan.
  4. Terawih kat Masjid Jamek. Dah la sejuk, aircond and kipas belambak2. Bkan mcm surau Kmk. Hari2 abes satu juzuk (at first cuak gak,tkot tcabut patella). Tp,rupe2nye notin much. Kjap je rase kot. Kalo ari2 wat 20 rakaat, sebulan dah bole khatam satu Quran.
  5. Kalo rase demand lebih skit, mesti call McD or Domino's. Delivery itu satu kemestian!
  6. Demand lebih lagi, cabut pegi BB. Smpai sane mule lah pening, xtau nk wat decision. Mase tuh mule la sms sume org mintak opinion. Carls?Nando's?Tepanyaki?Pizza?
  7. Sume org mule la bg sampel kuih raye soh beli.Bkan nak beli pon, tp kalau hari2 dpt sampel, mesti seronok kan?
  8. Paling seronok, time nie laa nk pau sume org punye Kurma. Nasib baik org2 disekeliling ni xminat kat kurma,so diorg wat dek je bile kurma diorg kene paw. HAHAHAHA.
  9. Bubur Lambuk free!! Wpon skali pon aku xpnah dpt, tp itu ttp mission aku spnjg bulan nie.

Tapi,kadang2 xseronok jugak.Sebab,

  1. Bulan puasa, pakcik nasi goreng Minang xberoperasi. Kempunan nasi Minang sebulan tau pakcik!
  2. Gerai sebelah pakcik nasi Minang, Nasi Paprik die sedap na mati. Tp bulan puase nie,makcik2 tue join berniaga lauk kat Bazaar. So,diorg xbkak kdai.Sedeynye, sebulan tanpa Nasi Paprik makcik itu.
  3. Mentang2 laa Muslims xlunch, so sume lecture extend sampai kol 1. Pas2 kol 2 sambung balik. Budak2 non-Muslim dah kebulur, kami pulak dah lembik semacam. Haiyooo lecturers sekalian. Consider laa kami sikit.

Friday, September 12, 2008


"It would be a pity if, as the Malay saying goes, "we burn the mosquito net because of one mosquito".
What needs to be done is to get rid of the mosquito but continue to use the net..".

-Well said Tun. I couldnt agree u more..

Perjuangan Kita Masih Belum Selesai.
~To a new prosperous Malaysia!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Proper Nutrition is Important For Living!

For more than a week..ive been stuffed in bubur lambok as my juadah berbuka puasa.. me! im not into just broke! so, having bubur lambok everyday, its shud not be a problem for me ( even it is)..Then,later I realized, i found myself not fit as before. i complained of some mild heart pain and my heart beats faster than normal not during strenous activities, just cycling from Plazarah to bazaar Kg baru.

Then,Mea started membebel. She said, i didnt have enough intake of proper nutrition.I consumed just carbs everyday without enough amount of protein and vitamin and bla bla bla.. ( u know how it is sounds when mea started membebel)..

Ok since yesterday. i quit taking bubur lambok.I bought nasi campur with loootttsss of ulam-ulaman...waaaaaaaaaaaa I know how it is feel.Im very energetic. It is like totally different.I have extra attention in class ( take note.i didnt pay so much attention in class bcoz i hate lectures, but now i have my attention level a bit higher than normal). Today, i did beyond expectation during our case-study discussion. (again,i didnt take part much in group discussion. I hate case-study expecially neuro!) Thanx to proper nutrition.hahahaha

Moral of the story,even if u had no money at all, proper diet should not be taken for granted. It is affecting evrything. Your physiology, emotion, attention, cognitive abilities so on and so forth. And now, WTF??? I should quit talking crap, because i might sound like my fellow diet and nutri friends. Yuckks i hate nutri-talk. I eat wuteva i want. Stupid vYe. Dush2!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Im sick! Sick of being weak. Sick of my inability to say no when ppl needs my help. Sick of being bullied. Sick of cannot let off my anger towards the particular person. Sick of ppl taking advantage on me.

Ppl, i tried so hard. I tried to please each and everyone of you. Why dont everyone being good to each other? Understood of one's responsibilities and stop taking advantage on ppl. I believe world would be a better place if everyone behave like this.

I just need to live my life. To live like everyone else. To make a wiser decision when it is needed. Able to say no if ppl asking for my help. Wont hesitate of not being a good friend if cannot perform the friends's duty which is giving help when a friend asking for it. And stop sacrifising for other ppl's need. Because i know, at the end of the day, they wont come to me, and say 'Thank You' or 'You've been such a friend' or ' Glad to have a friend like you'.

Yes, call me 'COLD'. I dont make friend with everybody. Because i lost friends more than i make one( including those liars and backstabbers). I cannot afford to lose any other a friend. So, I try my best, my very best. Apreciating,acknowledging, sacrificing everything to my very 'few' friends. Im exhausted. I have my own limit. I wont be able to keep everything to myself forever.
So ppl. Treat me like u expect ppl treats u as well. Treat me as a human, treat me as friend. Stop taking advantage on me.Stop treating me like a bullshit. I rather not to have a single friend, if she is like you!

Why i shouldnt be called a human???

One week passed after my mid-term exam. At da moment, i should have started to prepare for my final examination. And yet, here I am.Laying myself all day long, playing games, chatting, dreaming.

Please! I need a motivation. I need the sense of initiation. I need something to happen. I need a reason to push myself, and to put myself among good students in my class. I realised the changes that happened to myself recently. Im growing. i did not become any younger, and i should be able to become mature, to think far ahead. But what am i doing?? I wanna become smarter, wiser, better.

Damn it!! I think i should die now. Growing in this human form, without the ability to think wiser, to perform the good responsibility to my parents, I think i shouldnt be called a human being.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Distance dont keeps us apart!

2 Sept, i lost another friend. Metaphorically, yeah i lost a friend. Dyla, she already flew to Dublin.

At first, my heart was shattered. I almost cried.I kept thinking about how my daily life would be like without her and everybody around. Thinking about all those stupid theories we shared together, and of course our last Caramel Frap together. I blamed myself for not studied hard enough then i had to be left all alone. Seeing and waving my friends, one by one, it breaks my heart a lot. Then, i started to reminisce all the memories we had together. All the stupid crap jokes, the giggles, the shitting, gossiping and many other things. The memories i would never forget with my girls, how they precious most to my life.

Then i realized, how God loves me much. I thought i've been left all alone here. Then, it crossed my mind. Instead of letting go my dearie girlfriends, i still got bunch of amazing friends here. How my Peiwen, Sherlyn and Odah, still stayed by my side, by the time i need a friend most, How they made me feel ease. How Anya and Ayunie cared about me when i was almost been snatched. How Farhana bear to listen to my boring stories every single day. How Mea sent that quotes although it doesnt made me feel any ease at all, but still, i value her effort.

I thank God for this. For making my life not miserable afterall. For adding more colours in my life. For making me feel proud to have friends like them and of course my girlfriends.

There may be a distance between us, but the distance never keeps us apart.

We call this BFF

Missing : Annesh

Monday, September 1, 2008

Stop calling yourself a Muslim if u'r not!

1 Ramadhan.

Aku diragut oleh 2org bangsa Melayu aka beragama Islam. bukan diragut, tetapi hampir diragut. I was walkin to monorail station while replying my friend sms, there were these 2 bullshits, all of sudden came very close 2 me and the one at the back try 2 snatch my hp. Holy crap!!! sumpah aku terkejut. Thank God,aku dikurniakan dua belah tgn yg besar, so bab2 gelut menggelut nie, sure laa aku menang kan???

The point is, how can someone, on the very 1st day of Holy Ramadhan, doing this ugly thing?? what were they thinking?? stealing someone else handphone for the sake of buying a new baju raya???or might be to buy karipap for bukak puasa??xtakut dosa ke bang???