Friday, January 21, 2011

Goodbye love

I'll miss you!
I dont need to tell you to be strong, because you are strong!
I love you till death.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Its been a year,it doesnt suprise me!

On the new year's eve last year, I was busy helping around for my sister wedding. And during this new year's eve, I was still busy helping around my sister and my bro-in-law moving in to their new house.

So, Malaysian team won the AFF Suzuki Cup,our prime minister was so generous, he declared 31st December as public holiday. I was okay at first, because we didnt even have class in 31st December anyway. But then, when I received a lot of phone calls from the centre I conducted my research to submit this and that, email this and that urgently on 30Dec with the same statement "you have to send to me today because you know,tomorrow is public holiday" , I started to wonder "why tomorrow is public holiday. I wish the Malaysian team didnt win the cup". Ok scratch that. "I wish Malaysian team won, but PM wasnt that very kind".

Anyways, I left 2010 with tears. (Ok tipu,because I was sleeping on new year's eve.Mak kejut bangun tengok fireworks pun tak heran). 2010 has been so kind. Im just gonna say this. I think 2010 is the best year in my 22 years life (exclamation marks!!)

  1. Internship dekat equine industry. The experience I thankful the most. Lepas grad, ada plan nak ambil 0 level dalam horsemanship.
  2. Duty sebagai kakak betul2 kena uji bila parents went to Mecca. Kena masak untuk adik-adik, beli barang dapur. Bila malam, perah otak nak masak apa untuk breakfast esok. Ok baru faham apa mak rasa.
  3. Three months clinical attachment at Hospital Sungai Buloh. Perit gila travel everyday from Kg Baru-Sg Buloh naik motor hari2, then lepas sebulan give up. Naik KTM pulak setiap hari. Kena bangun awal, balik lambat everyday. Duit banyak habis, masa banyak terbuang. Nasib baik boleh claim dari JPA. But,I learned a lot.
  4. Bought my first guitar and start learningand playing seriously.
  5. Ran my first marathon. Larian Bainun dulu tak kira, sebab boleh singgah2 rumah penduduk kampung Manjoi mintak air.
  6. Berpuasa sebanyak 58hari eventhough I failed to hit my aim; 100days. Ok maybe this year.
  7. Alhamdulillah, thesis berjalan lancar.
  8. 31 December baru nak check result. Alhamdulillah....
However,2010 wasnt that very kind because I was not always on top of my health.
  1. Had diarrhea for 5days.Never had like this before.
  2. Plantar fasciitis getting worse. Lari sikit dah sakit.Pakai kasut murah sikit dah sakit. Kalau malas buat Archilles stretch before workout, esoknya confirm jalan menjengket. Boleh transplant kaki tak?
  3. My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome makin mengada-ngada. Langsung tak boleh hidup without wrist pad.
  4. Demam sampai 3kali tahun lepas. Selalu setahun sekali je, takpun takde langsung.
  5. Batuk-batuk sudah 2minggu masuk hari ni.
I blame the immune system, weather, lecturers, assignments, and money. My friend insisted that these are the sign and symptoms of 'Final Year Syndrome'.

Im graduating in 5months. woot woot~