Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chronicles of Jaikumar - end part

Day 5,

Finally,Jaikumar came in.When i came yesterday morning, he was on meeting. Okaay,so i patiently waited for him inside his room with all the curiousity that was killing me slowly. Half an hour later, he came in.
My imagination flew away. I was expecting Arjun Rampal or atleast the best that i could get is Anil Kapoor. He is nothing of Arjun, Anil nor Amitabh Bachaan.
Look, i mean no insultation here. He is good. Maybe i just expected too high, then i got low. That was it. I knocked my head few times.
Anyways he was nice. He teached me many thing. He even ask me to ask him more. He trusted me, because he left me to conduct therapy session alone. He was a good man.
Since i post this post a day late, actually, all I need to tell is about yesterday. I nearly got into an fatal accident. One car nearly bumped me when i was on my way to work. The car was extremely laju and we both nearly crashed up. Then we had some fights at the middle of the roundabout (yes, it happened at roundabout). Can you imagine that?
This fuckin lamb scolded and accused me of this and that. I was like " Hey hallo, awak yang bawak laju,jgn nk salahkan orang lain pulak" .Then we gaduh2 for few minutes. He even said
" Baru dapat lesen,dah nak berlagak bawak kereta"
Damn!!!! I was extremely panassssss. Then I said " Awak ingat saya ni muda sangat ke?? Awak jgn cakap org laa. Sekarang nie awak yang salah tau". Then we gaduh2 some more, until both of us left the scene with body temperature reached 98 degrees Celcius.
After i punched in atwork, I lepak a while. Called mea to tell her bout what had happen. Then she asked if my car got the P sign. I looked around.
My car got the sign laa wei. No wonder laa he said those things.
Wuttha? Not me okaay? I got my license years ago. Its my sis laa.
After a while, I sat down and tried to clearly recall the whole incident.
Then, something rang a bell.
It was my fault laa wei. I didnt realize I was in the wrong lane.
LOL!!!! Mwahahahahahahaahha
Anyways, still no sorry for you,lamb!!!
Those are memories. The bad one- I guess.
And YEAY!!!
TGI weekend!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chronicles of Jaikumar - part 1

DAY 3,

Jaikumar still not coming in. He still on MC.
Damn! I wonder how he looks like.



Monday, November 24, 2008

My First day as Volunteer

Yeay!!! End of day 1....

Today, I started my voluntary work at Yayasan Sultan Idris. Basically, it is the foundation centre that provides facilities for disabilities.
No wonder,it is named YSIS - Untuk Orang-orang Cacat.
Yep, i am not been paid.
Voluntary work,what?
The place is quite nice, it is located at Bercham, which is quite far from my house.

Stolen from
When i came in that morning,they sent me to the physiotherapy unit since the OT there was on MC.
Interesting part bout this foundation,most of their staff are Indians. I noticed 2 of them are Malays, and few chinese at admin office and the speech therapist is chinese as well.
But, its okay. because
Ok ok.Let me put it this way. One of their Physiotherapist is so laaa the goodlooking one.
Yep, he's Indian.
Owh and i forgot to add one part. most of their staff also are -INDIA MARI.
When they sent me to Physio unit, i soooo laa the bored one. Look, i did familiarize myself with those patient's conditions, but there's nothing that i can do after all.
I just stupidly stood there, and watched every single thing they did.
Then i got scolded by this uncle- he hapens to be one of the YSIS client.
He had stroke - so, must be many cognitive problem.
He barely differentiate me with the one of the physio lady.
This fellow, ya ya having so much pain laa during those exercises due to his condition plus the muscles rigidity.
He shouted " Rani ( the lady's name), hey Rani, bukak ini. Saya sudah tak tahan laa,saya mahu balik."
I was like, looking at another client.
Then he shouted again " hey Rani, lu pandang mana??sini kasi tengok laa.. bukak ini. Saya mahu balik"
Mwahahhahahahahahahahahaha..Im not Rani OKAY uncle?
Then,after lunch break, they sent me to OT unit.
Waaaahhhh.. finally.. what a relieve!
Since there was only one asisstant therapist left, and the clients were soo banyak,
the asisstant lady- dengan selambanya said
"ok U amik sorang, I amik sorang"
then I said " Haaah??saya nak buat apa??saya xtahu!!"
"U buat laa ape yg you da belajar"
That was basically what happened today.
I learned a lot.
And I saw the scapulohumeral rythm for the 1st time.
Man,cannot imagine before this,u know.
Then I had my first ever patient today. JayaKumar.
Indian guy, with head injury.
God,bless me for the next following days!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hurray Hurray

Hello Hols,

Yep! Finally,finals is over. Damn i cant believe that finals is really over.
Is it really over?? OMG!! Thankgoodness!

Speaking of finals, Damn i tell you. Finals was one heck form of torture.
Books + study + lack of many nite-sleeps + craving of foods + tremendously difficult questions = symptoms of schizophrenic attack!!!

Let me put it this way. Lemme describe the difficulty level of each subject. One subject at a time okay?
Pathology - OK laaa
ITC- Ermmm
PTC- Ermmm
Biomechanics- Quite Yep
Kinesiology- NO no NO no
Pharmacology- Ermm URghhh warghhh DAMMMIT BIG CAPITAL LETTERS of NO!


To me, finals is much more torturing than SPM. Anyways, I'm glad its really over. I cannot describe how glad I am with such words.


These were taken during studyweeks. Err I meant that the hectic studyweeks.

Yep,it leads to mental depression.

*Ehem ehem* While camwhoring is fun


What a relieve! Yeay!!

Am having therapy for my pathetic soul. Ahaks, I shop till I broke. Of course, I am broke!

And the sleepover. Sleepover was fun. Especially with Myra and Afiq. Had a lot of chitchatting, gossipping, shopping, bowling, facebook-ing, nintendo-ing etc etc... Unfortunately, lack of camwhoring. Having so much fun till forgot to camwhore somemore.


Damn,i know im a little bit exaggerating. Pardon me! Its the post-exam syndrome.

Anyways,im saying goodbye to semester 1. You are off to go baby!! And never hope to meet you again.


Saturday, November 8, 2008


one night,somewhere around KL and Bangi.
Vye : Babe, he replied the same thing. "Sorry if disturd you." Wtf with the disturd shit??? OMG I need to convince him going back school.
Peiwen: OMG! Throw the tadika bag to him.
Vye : I bet this guy never learnt. You go and politely adress his mistakes la.
Peiwen : I will buy the English book for him. He is useless for studying and living for 20 yrs.
To this man,
Neither Peiwen or I, we would never adress your mistake,otherwise you would be thinking that we were too cocky. But please,if u'r reading this.
FYI, disturb goes with the letter B at the back, not D, not disturD,obviously.
And yes, big NO for you.
I cant stand being for another idiot.
Hell yeah!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

What I Want

For this very moment, with the entire mode mixing up (you know I had this exam thingy going on), Ive been craving for many things.

  1. Be the ninth caller at Fly Fm to win a chance to meet Chris Brown in person at Manila. Chris Brown, ive been waiting for this moment to meet you. I’d give the world to meet you. Apparently, I cant sing or whatever-the-action-is to call and impressed the DJ. With this final exam is going on,… dammmit!!! I really want to meet him.
  2. Watching movie. I have a buy-one-get-another-one-free GSC coupon I got for dining in at one of the restaurant at Pavilion with Mea months ago. The coupon valid date is 1 November. Yep, today. Dammit. I wish I could’ve use the coupon long ago.
  3. I want Chillis! Its been almost a year since I had my last Chillis-ing session. The last time was with Nada and Ben. Damn, since Pavilion existed, we’ve been forgetting Chillis. The other reason is probably the Tepanyaki spot that we discovered at Pavilion food court that is so sedaap and affordable.
  4. Going back home, and finish downloading Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 until episode 6. I only managed to download until episode 5 due to the internet speed that is super lembap. Other than that, Gossip Girl season 2 has released till episode 8, I guess. I only have until episode 4. Damn Im so yesterday!
  5. Eagerly waiting for Grey's Anatomy episode 6 uploaded thru Youtube. Since there is no way that im gonna be back home in anytime soon, i'll update myself with the series through Youtube. Unfortunately, they only uploaded till episode 5. Cant wait to see Christina and Dr Hunt. They make pretty perfect couple. Then Burke will come back and feel like shit. No la, that part i made it up. I love Burke though.
  6. I hope of miracle to happen. Miracle such as when im entering the shoppin mall, I won the RM5000 voucher for being the 1billionth visitors. They you go, im broke, in the simpler word. So I hope for anyting in particular to happen since I need, and I really need to get my pre and post exam therapy for soul. Translation : I need money to go shopping.
  7. Finish going through all this academic stuff. Not just go through, what I really meant is understand and able to memorize each and every single of them. Its a lot, I tell you.Hope of not dying within this exam war.
  8. I want exam to end soon. Damn I hate exam. Nobody likes exam though. Do you? I think whoever likes exam, deserve himself to be circumsiced ( for 2nd time,perhaps?)
  9. Kill those mat rempit(s) or tell them to go merempit at somewhere else. They driving me crazy with those cheap stupid bike. I need to study,moron! Its not something I do everyday, so can you all atleast spare me one day for my study day.
  10. What exactly I want is stop posting this stupid post and continue my study. Ohh I wish I really wished for that.