Sunday, August 24, 2008

The maybe-last-get-together meet up!

I have my midterm exam tomorrow. My scariest paper, Biomechanics. But, yet, here i am. Reminiscing memories with my girls.

Today, i went to Dyla's.She was having dis kenduri. To celebrate (shud i say celebrate? i hv no idea) her wit all dis flying stuff. hahahaha. She is leaving to Ireland, UCD ( University College of Dublin ). Am i rite dyla?? She's taking Medicine. How cool is that ppl??? I think it is superb.

That was maybe the last time i might be seeing her. Now everyone is leaving. Annes went to Makasar, Fatin to Medan, Lye and deanna to India, Chacha to Aussie, Husna to Egypt, Dyla is going to Ireland, Has also going to Czech Republic, and soon, Mira leaving to UK.Me?? still stuck here. Bumi yang xberapa indah tetapi sejuk mata memandang walaupun cuacanya panas. well, its okaay. Bcoz, they all made me proud. Seriously!

Nada's new car.

Riddy acting childish (aku xbagi restu ko kawen ngan dyla kang! dush2!)

Im gonna be missing dis particular room for the next 5 yrs.

The girls. And nada was being a truly UIA student. I heart that. huahuaha

Nada's as-usual-habit and Nab's new addiction. Messin with my hair.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Quest by Bryn Christopher

If u watch Grey's Anatomy Finale episode of season 4, u might come cross of this song. Once is more than enough to capture my ears. Bryn Christopher has wonderful voice and the lyrics is soooooooo sweet, Here is the lyrics.

I’m leaving tonight
Going somewhere deep inside my mind
I close my eyes slowly
Flowin’ away slowly
But I know
I’ll be alright
It’s coming stronger to me
And I know someone is out there
Lead the way
Lead the way
Show me the answers I need to know

What I’m gonna live for
What I’m gonna die for
Who you gonna fight for
I can’t answer that

All my life/love it is
It is all my love
All my life/love it is
I know it is a life to live lately
From above I hear
I hear the sound of them sinkin’I feel numb,
I’m aliveI know
I’m getting closer

What I’m gonna live for
What I’m gonna die for
Who you gonna fight for
I can’t answer that

My life has had it’s share of troubles
And now I found a place to go
I’ve said goodbye to all my troubles’cause now
I’ve find my place to go

What I’m gonna live for
What I’m gonna die for
Who you gonna fight for
I can’t answer that
What I’m gonna live for
What I’m gonna die for
Who you gonna fight forI can’t answer that
What I’m gonna live for
What I’m gonna die for
Who you gonna fight for
I can’t answer that
Live for
Die for
Fight for

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I look into my purse, only RM28 left. I had my lunch today. That was a combination of breakfast-lunch-dinner for single day. Im totally broke. I only have around Rm1000 left. Thats the only money left that im gonna be using until the end of the semester which is around early of November.

Damn it.Where all the money dissapeared??Am i too boros?? hahaha ayunie called me 'si pemboros'. i guess, i totally am. i bought my bicycle which is super duper cool. the coolest bicycle through out kampung baru. then, i had my chronic-prolong-dream handbag. I bought my baju raya, numbers of wedges, n few other stuff that i could never possibly list here.

I need money. but im too shy shy to ask for my parents. My dad agreed to support my broadband bill for every month. i couldnt ask for more eventhough i knew that he will agree to give more money for my spending. but, my pride is all i have. i have rm5400 scholarship for every semester, and i still asking money from parents??? shame on me.. gonna die.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Grey's Anatomy season 5 comin up!!!

I heard rumours that Grey's anatomy season 5 is about to out. OMG!!! I really cant wait. the season 4 was sooo short,hectic and chaos. but still awesome. i cant wait 2 know what hapen with the re-take intern exam for Omalley, the alex and rebecca thingy..hohoho i luv the ending where rebecca admitted to psychiatric. i hate her. and the lesbo thing?? omg i cant believe callie with erica hahn. seriously, i hate meredith. but atleast, im hoping the ending would be she and derek.

besides, i love the Mclanguage.where they called derek is mcdreamy, mark sloan is mcsteamy. and most of the Mc usage like Mcyummy, Mcvet, Mcdog, Mcnasty, Mchottie. ahahahaha.. Christina is sooooooooo funny, alex is sooooooo hot and izzie is soooooooo pretty.. i just love them.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

How i miss my school..


I miss my school sooo damn much...i had two secondary school but obviously i love most my 2nd one. My one and only mrsm transkrian. damn it. i wish i could turn back time. during school time. how we, err i mean my girlfriends and i breaking rules. we skipped class, we sneaking into 'ds' (dewan selera) just to watch the ending of the matrix reloaded. we ruined the 'girls nite'..ahh it was not out fault anyway. we were just trying to be teenagers. yep we were teenagers and we still teenagers.

so, i googled onto 'mrsm transkrian'. there u go..ahhhh my lovely school. but what the heck??? i found the name of mr shamshuri at the organizational chart. he is now the HEP at my school. damn it! he was HEP at my previous college, and now he was transferred to transkrian??? well2.. i didnt know him that much. i just knew that he is funny and could be rude sometimes. but, its okaay. i just love the unity style that mara using. eventhough i was in my college year, i still can meet my former teachers and principal. remember the unity thing??? when my college had annual dinner, most of the mrsm principal will be invited. not forgetting the 'hari kerjaya',graduation nite, and so on n so forth.

dearie teachers n principal. no matter how u said things to us, no matter how some of u treated us like bullshit. we knew that u all just wanted to grow a bunch of humans. good human. and so we are. we made our teachers proud. i got selected here. one of the best uni at msia, most of my friens had gone on their separate ways at the other side of the world. we are human, teachers! a good one.

to this bunch of ppl,, i just want to say thank you. u all made me a person. i never ever gonna thank you all as much as what u have done to me.

Mr Maznan - my dearie BM teacher.
Mr Kamil - My english n EST teacher. u rocksss sir..
Miss Saidah - My physics teacher.
most importantly is Mr yusoff - our lovely principal. i remember your quote till my dying day. 'When better is expected, the best is still not enough'


we were graduating

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A new revolution

The starting of new episode of my life. [WTF? hehe]

Well, I guess this could be the right track for me to blogging since I've been putting my thoughts on many other different places.
Myspace,Friendster, Wordpress etc etc....

I wonder if blogspot could bring wonders to me.

*tempting tempting*

Nah, a gedik-ness + psychotic photo from me.
[I camwhore a lot- because that is what i do best]

P/S: Dont make friend with me. I am boring, dull and lame