Monday, March 30, 2009

Totally silly,dumb and immatured yet the best conversation ever!!!

Annes : Celaka sial minah tu. Kalau aku tauke YM, aku ban die dari guna YM.
Moi : Kalau aku tauke segala internet, aku ban die guna Mozilla ngan Ie.
Annes : Aku lak ban die dari guna line Maxis, Celcom or Digi, and lagi satu line yang baru tu.
Moi : Kalau bapak aku menteri kerja raya, aku ban dia guna semua jalan raya, sama ada menggunakan teksi, bas atau jalan kaki. LRT, KTM and Putra juga diharamkan.
Kalau JPJ tu aku punya , aku ban dia dari naik bas.
Kalau bapak aku Menteri Pengajian Tinggi , aku suruh bapak aku kick dia dr UKM.Lepas tu block teros dia dalam sistem, xboleh apply mana2 university pon.
Annes : Kalau bapak aku Menteri Saliran dan air (eh ade ek), aku ban dia dr guna semua toilet dan air. Berak lah kat longkang. Eh longkang pon xboleh, gi lah cari semak mana2.
Moi : Kalau aku Menteri Alam Sekitar, kat semak pon xboleh.
Annes : Kalau aku Israel, aku bom dia.
Moi : Aku nak join army kau!!!
yadda yadda yadda
Kepada sesiapa yang terasa, tolong jangan terasa okaay.
You know I dont hate people.
And for you, yes I hate you!
Do me a favour,
Please rot in hell!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Worth trying


For those who have tried, I bet you know how it tastes like.

~ The Loaf ~

Go and try it, it worth every penny you spent
most importantly




Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another loser-outdated post by me

Finally,I watched Slumdog Millionaire. Thanks to TGV Ipoh. TGV pon outdated mcm aku jugak

Okay, I seriously wanted to watch this movie since I dont download movies especially the one that won 8 Oscars. tee-hee.
I went to cinemas around KL, unfortunately, this movie no longer available. Serious aku frust menonggeng. Tulah, masa cerita ni available, aku pulak xavailable. Demmit.

So, bila aku balik Ipoh, surprisedly TGV Ipoh still ada cerita ini. Patutlah aku outdated, cinema sini pun semua outdated.
Aku patut bersyukur sebab atleast kat hometown aku ni still ada cinema.

*sigh* Ppl, why dont anyone of you respond to my last entry. Why dont you alert me???
Cerita ni serius awesome gila.
" Annes, you should have told me tau" *slap butt*

Okay. So,right now, Im having this soooooooo not very in Slumdog Millionaire fever.
And eventually Im shortening my hot-guy-list.

Say Bye bye to
  • Johnny Depp
  • Zachary Quinto
  • Chris Brown
  • Colby O'Donis
  • T.I
  • Arjun Rampal
  • Justyn Justin Timberlake
  • yadda yadda yadda

And say Hello to

  • Dev Patel - please tell me that you do like a woman older than you. I'll be in the line!

FOR THE RECORD - Aku sungguh outdated. Demmit!

So, nahh. Probably you all heard this one. Haiyaaa bagi chance aku excited lah.

RandomNote: Speaking of Zachari Quinto, He will be featured in the next Star Trek. Cant wait!!

Grey's Anatomy special entry.

This week favorite scenes of Grey's Anatomy. Yeah, a bit late posting this entry since this episode out, no internet access.
**This week's special**
Izzie : Look at you....You're gonna be a rockstar Alex
Alex : What is this?
Izzie : What? I cant fantasize about my boyfriend and his bright bright future??

I love lunch!
Izzie,sumpah kau comel.


Izzie : You read more journal and do more research and log more hour in the skills lab than any other residents here. You never give up on trying to be a better doctor, and you dont step on other people to do it. I would be lucky to be the new you.


Alex : I dont rise okay. I sink to the bottom. And now im getting all this respect and you gotta stop wasting all your time with this patient X crap.

You could be a great surgeon, and we could be great together. You gotta stop screwing around because I dont wanna be the fututre of this hospital if youre not gonna be with me.

Man, I love you. You go Karev!!


Izzie : You dont like me very much, do you? I need to tell you something. I need to tell somebody and youre a robot, you could take it.


No Caption

Yep, serious aku bias. Semua scene Izzie sahaja.

Then, why do you think I keep watching??? Meredith?? Bluuweekkk!!!

Here's what I think:

  1. She's gonna make it. She'll survive even if the survival rate is 5%. (Kalau Izzie mati, definitely I quit watching)
  2. Shepherd taking some time alone, and make a clean come back and hopefully with a clean haircut.
  3. Owen confesses his bad dream and those apocalypses.. *cute*
  4. Christina and Owen Hunt gonna be a hottest couple in SGH. Pheewiitt.
  5. Lexie and Mark Sloan gonna be second cutest couple.
  6. Callie Torres and the Peads surgeon? definitely NOTTTT.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ive been tagged!

Tag from dearest Husna,
1.Go to your photos folder in your computer.
2.Go to the 6th folder of photos.
3.Go to the 6th picture in that folder.
4.Put the picture on your blog and describe about it.
5.Invite six friends to join the challenge.
6.Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged.


My 6th picture of my 6th folder is

What do you want me to describe.?? Go check Anatomy book lah..*sigh*

Okay Okay..

Lets move to the next picture

Nothing to say. Just simply I looked more dashing in this. *tee-hee*

sumpah aku gedik


The 6 important person that I must tag.

You've been tagged,pal!

  1. Anis Izaty
  2. Dyla Ishak
  3. Peh Pei Wen
  4. Ayuni Tahir
  5. Mariam Akmal
  6. Hazmira Mahyuddin

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I've been hynotized

yeay finally i got some sleep to cover my 3 days lack of sleep...
I was involved in OT Malaysia-Singapore Integration Programme.
We've been working for this Integration thing like since 2months ago. Eventhough I didnt do quite a job.

For instance, I’d say, we did a great job because as a whole, the programme was quite a success.
My fellow second year friends, I salute you all toing toing lah.

All that I can say is that, Singaporeans students- Nanyang Polytechnics, were very friendly, extremely hyper and definitely awesome. They were hot too!! Justyn ohh.

Best to describe them: AWESOME!

I eventually have fallen in love with whom I think the perfect candidate for my mom's menantu. Highest level of courtesy, extremely friendly and gentleman too. Hot hot and hotttt.

To make this short entry much longer, maybe some pictures would be fine. I cannot say so much, because I need to get some sleep like right now jugak.

Here are some of pictures I managed to collect for dinner and familyday only. There are a lot more.


FAMILY DAY UKM, NYP( NanYang Polytechnics), KSKB (Kolej Kesihatan Bersekutu) , UiTM

Purposedly put UiTm at the back. No offense but to me UiTM got slightly behavioural issue.

mind the yellow shirt

toing sebijik


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Take a giant spear, and stab me through my heart.

I am such an ass.. God, I'm so outdated.

I watched Transformers like about two years after it released, Devil Wears Prada - two years after, Disturbia - a year, I am Legend -2 years, Madagascar- 4 years, The Mummy trilogy - like about ten years after, Wild Child - 1 year, My Best Friend's Wedding - over 11 years after, Never Been Kissed - around 10 years, and The Dark Knight,like 6 months and Eagle Eye -havent watched it.

Ayat yang selalu berkumandang di telinga aku :
" Vye, kau ni outdated lah.aku dah tengok lama cerita tu"
sob sob sob. Damn you ppl!

Stab me heart, kick my ass, cut me tongue, slaughter my neck, shoot me dead!! Its best if I say that if Im been slaughtered, I definitely die. My carotid artery is being cut off and the functions of my Medulla Oblongata is disturbed, so I freakin dead! No need to shoot me dead anymore!

People, why dont you alert me before??...Huh??
You did??
When and HOW??
Did you hear me?? HOW??

I aint talking about :- "Vye, aku dah tengok cerita tu, best lahh"
Im talking about:- " Vye, (loudly) aku da tengok cerita tu. Sumpah cerita tue super damn awesome. You need to watch it like right now JUGAK. Move move move your ass. Pergi tengok kalau tak kau akan menyesal sampai cucu kau yang ke -4 lahir. Kalau kau xtengok jugak, jangan kawan dengan aku lagi. Shuuuuuh I dont need a goddemmit friend macam kau!!!!!"

Stress on your tone people. I mean, serious annoying tone and harsh words would be necessary, okaay??
SMS-ing method : use all CAPITAL LETTERS okay?

Okay, enough dengan segala agenda memalukan diri sendiri. Call me outdated, or whatever names that makes me wayyyy uncool.
Namun, cheewah , aku ni boleh kira uptodate jugak lah.

  1. I watched Sweeney Todd exactly a day after it released.
  2. I download Grey's Anatomy on the day it uploaded. (This is piracy,jangan tiru)
  3. jap jap nak fikir ni.Aku tengok Pirates of Caribbean 4 kali dekat cinema.
  4. Xde dah kot. Sebab mungkin aku ni memang tak up-to-date.

**sesi menampar diri sendiri**

Im making a list of movies which not worth paying RM12 okay?

  1. TWILIGHT (Top of the list okay!) Whatever lah Ayuni and Annes, korang berdua memang denial.
  2. Actually, that is the only one. Yang lain xmenyesal lagi so far.

P/S : Okay I havent watched Slumdog Millionaires. Been super damn busy with nonsense crap like feeding Buchanan til forgot to hit cinema. Nope! I dont download movies. Support lah sikit, jangan jadi macam Annes.(psst cerita ni boleh tgk, xperlu boycott lahh.Ini pelakon semua Bollywood mari, British production) Its okay kalau nak pirate Prof Razak Mohaideen or Yusof Haslam punya cerita. (Tolong jangan saman saya, saya orang miskin!). My advice, xpayah pirate lahh, tunggu lah raya tahun ni. Mesti keluar kat TV. Xsempat raya kot. Deepavali, CNY, Thaipusam, Hari Pekerja 1May pun agaknye dah ade kat TV.