Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am no longer an undergraduate. It feels like just yesterday I left high school, then I went into college and now I’ve completed four years of bachelor degree.

There was a moment, I had no idea what we’re learning, and I wouldn’t want to be left alone with patient in the same room. Then, out of nowhere, miracle happened. The next thing I know, juniors are asking questions how to do this and that. Man, handling a bunch of patients at the same time. It’s crazy, I know.

There was a moment, where I had so many things to do. To attend clinical at hospital everyday, there was thesis to finish, manuscript, case studies, reflective studies, case study presentation, assignments, departmental project and all. I didn’t even know that I was able to graduate at all. And man, I couldn’t believe, I’ve got through all of that. Those 10 hours of sitting in front of laptop writing thesis, almost every night. Yeah, I still can feel the back pain and pressure sore at my butt-sometimes. It’s crazy, I know.

There was a moment, when doing orthopedics, I thought that I could be quite good in this area, and somewhat could perform well in my career somewhere in the future. Same thing happened to Peadiatric, Psychiatry and etc2. Today, Im freaking out. I feel like I never learned enough, and there is still some lacking somewhere-anywhere. Im freaking out, ok?

4 years are freakin short, man. Those sweats, and whining, late nights, random bitching. The classmates, the patients (the hot ones, or their hot dads), the crushes, the darling roomate (AJ), my awesome house. Everything! Im gonna miss all of that.

And where did those years gone? I still couldn’t believe what is really happening. I’ll let you know once I can catch up my breath ok?

So, what should I do now?

[lagak si penganggur]

Shoutout to all my friends doing medicine, most of y’all still have another one/two year(s) to go. Whenever in doubt, just think of one thing.

APA APA PUN, BOLEH LALU PUNYA!! (Zhi Han et al. 2011) J