Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grey's Anatomy special entry.

This week favorite scenes of Grey's Anatomy. Yeah, a bit late posting this entry since this episode out, no internet access.
**This week's special**
Izzie : Look at you....You're gonna be a rockstar Alex
Alex : What is this?
Izzie : What? I cant fantasize about my boyfriend and his bright bright future??

I love lunch!
Izzie,sumpah kau comel.


Izzie : You read more journal and do more research and log more hour in the skills lab than any other residents here. You never give up on trying to be a better doctor, and you dont step on other people to do it. I would be lucky to be the new you.


Alex : I dont rise okay. I sink to the bottom. And now im getting all this respect and you gotta stop wasting all your time with this patient X crap.

You could be a great surgeon, and we could be great together. You gotta stop screwing around because I dont wanna be the fututre of this hospital if youre not gonna be with me.

Man, I love you. You go Karev!!


Izzie : You dont like me very much, do you? I need to tell you something. I need to tell somebody and youre a robot, you could take it.


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Yep, serious aku bias. Semua scene Izzie sahaja.

Then, why do you think I keep watching??? Meredith?? Bluuweekkk!!!

Here's what I think:

  1. She's gonna make it. She'll survive even if the survival rate is 5%. (Kalau Izzie mati, definitely I quit watching)
  2. Shepherd taking some time alone, and make a clean come back and hopefully with a clean haircut.
  3. Owen confesses his bad dream and those apocalypses.. *cute*
  4. Christina and Owen Hunt gonna be a hottest couple in SGH. Pheewiitt.
  5. Lexie and Mark Sloan gonna be second cutest couple.
  6. Callie Torres and the Peads surgeon? definitely NOTTTT.


anisizatyA.J said...

alaa..part last tu ape wehhh

MeaBerry said...

erm. bila episode dah makin pelik2, stop watching. just like wat i did to OTH~~~ good bye oth. n now, Good bye Grey's

vYe said...

last part tuh die cite kat christina condition die laaa.. mmg xde caption part tuh...christina bwk die g tmpt tue,sbb owen slalu bwk die g tmpt tuh kalo die brak down...

mea : episode die xmerepek..lg buat aku xsaba tunggu every week...just part callie je yg aku nyampah..