Saturday, December 19, 2009

Indeed the best time of the year

As holiday ended, I started to realize how precious my holiday was and mulalah scene seperti "Alaa xsempat nak makan steamboat" , "alaa xsempat nak makan Sushi King" . Cis macam dekat KL takde sushi king and steamboat. Its not about the place,ppl, its about the great company that matters.

I really dont want to go back as I realized the fact that I have to go back and start cooking for myself, doing assignments, meeting with distasteful faces , living in a world of deception, oppression and the only place I lost my right to voice out my opinions. I feel weak when I lost my rights. I hate it, I hate Malaysia education system. I hate it, I hate it.~

So,here are what Ive been doing for the past one month.

Getting a new haircut

Morning guitar session with Dyla. Ohhh this exactly made my whole day.

Been to sawah padi. Sumpah first time.

Trying out the not-so-awesome henna.

Karaoke session with family members.

Here is the sneek peek

And my voice training session.

Sumpah nak audition for American Idol next 5 years. (Tolong jangan double click dekat photo di atas,sebab sumpah my face looked awful)

(I did not miss a single session even for one day!)

Tiba-tiba je obses nak powerful voice. Ini semua salah GLEE and WICKED sebab tak casting me for Rachel and Elphaba role. ( Ciss ada hati nak role Elphaba)

Apekebenda ntah ni. Hahahaha Dyla once told me that they asked Chris Daughtry to sing while lying down in American Idol. Its good to practice your voice to actually come out from the diaphragm rather than throat. So, I tried it. Benci lah, susah tau!

Devoting myself to God.

Kidding! I dunno what I was doing. ( Ohh tengah tunggu azan Isyak, so online kejap)

So, yeah. I know I know. My holiday was awesome. Korang punya semua dull kan? hahahah

Well try again next time! Sooo long!!!!


miss AIN said...

vye, mane cte psl gym?????

anisizatyA.J said...


vYe said...

ain : ohh buat apa nak crita..notin interesting,lgpon xde pic nak letak...

annes : serious aku tengah emo masa tulis tu...
and gmba las mmg tgh devoting myself to god.

dyla ishak said...

ko snap gmba aku time skype?? lahabau hahahaha

cepat la hols lagi!!!! tunggu jun depan eh, ko free tak? jun,july,august?

kite make that lagi awesome!!