Friday, April 24, 2009

Update for previous entry of dearie cousin

Having a dying relative throughout the busy exam week is extremely challenging.
Sacrifise your study time isnt an option.
Ok now my cousin is gone!
She passed away this morning.
Dear Along,
You may at peace.
You suffered quite a long time.
Semoga ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang soleh.
To Allah we belong and to Him is our return
-will be leaving soon to Perak!


miss AIN said...

semoga rohnya d'tempatkan bersama org2 yg

ppwen said...

hmm....semoga dia live in peace too...mayb she is playing with my fren there??wahaa...cheer!

anisizatyA.J said...

im sorry for u..kesian ur cousin tp better la drpd keep on suffering...huhu


and btw..meningitis tu inflammation of the meninges, which is a top layer of ur brain. it happens bila ada backteria infect meninges layer bila kuman masuk otak mcm2 la complication bole kalau ko detect awal boleh je treat..its treatable...posh beckam pon penah kena maningitis.

sorry terkasi ceramah lak.hhaha

HUSNA said...

smoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan dtempatkan bersama org2 soleh..

vYe said...

KAWAN2 - thanks weh...gile serabut gak kpale otak aku mase tuh...

Annes : gile ceramah... dah2.xnak dengar lah.. paper patho aku da tamat minggu lepas..wakakakkaka

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