Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hello, sorry. I was in Siberia.

These are not tweets. I promise

1. Finished 5weeks clinical posting. Thank god I’m still alive. It was fun anyway. I almost, almost feel sad when I left the department yesterday. I did mention ‘ALMOST’ right? I mean, all the stuffs are nice, the crappy hospital food, not so crappy afterall. Oh serius akan rindu kuey teow udang PPUKM lepas ni.

2. I met a wonderful guy. I thank God for this experience.

3. And miss this doggie.Roly The Laughing Dog.

4. Done 4weeks of pediatrics placement. I love kids, I love babies. I feel like I wanna get married this instant, and tomorrow I’m gonna have my own baby. Stupid thing right? I know!

5. Had my VIVA today. Viva is one pain in the ass. It was not fun; it’s sad, pathetic, and torturing. I flunked it, no doubt. Stupid thing, I’d never graduate.

6. Almost cried when I was walking down the hall meeting my friends after my VIVA session. Tears almost come out, then I saw there were so many of my friends, so I pretended smiling.

7. For 1000th times I’m saying this, student life is a bitch!

8. Called mommy to tell her what happened with my VIVA.

9. Gonna have yellowcab pizza after all these tortures. A nice slice of pizza wouldn’t hurt right? Maybe two or three slices or maybe I consume the whole thing. Who cares?

10. I feel bad today. Trust me; I’d turn to green monster Frankenstein- Hulk in any minute.

11. I finished 1/3 of my punishment therapy. Are you proud of me, mother?

12. I miss my BFF. I wish they are all here, so that when I feel bad, I just can call of them and scream my heart out. International call is expensive.

13. My roommate left me for 5weeks clinical placement at Hospital Johor Bahru. She is coming back today or maybe tomorrow. I miss her. But sure, gotta clean up the whole room before she gets back.

14. It is a major coincidence that my roommate named AJ (Amelia Jacob) and my bestie’s father’s name is AJ (Ahmad Jaafar)

15. Did you know, my sister has PCOS? I think it runs in the family. I gotta check very very soon.

16. Did you know, my other sister just gave my mother RM1000 for her first pay? My mother was so touched that she even called me to tell me about it. Or maybe she just called me to lemme know that I should give more than RM1000 for my 1st pay.

17. Did you know I bought a guitar for only RM98?

18. I miss my classmates. I miss Chin Yuen and his silly jokes while screaming ‘ Biii Arrrr”.. I miss my gossip buddy, Zhi Han.

19. My PCOS sister has done surgery to shrink the cysts in her ovaries. So, she got 1 month of MC, maybe heading back Ipoh or Johor, so she left me her car. One month I tell you.

20. My cousin had burn injury. More than 30% burn. Children out there, please be careful. Jangan main api.

21. My grandmother had abcess in her left breast. The whole family made a huge thing about it. My andak couldn’t stop crying when my grandmother admitted to ward. My other cousin cried and kept saying “opah opah, jangan tinggal Naim”. What the hell? Opah’s not going to die,hello? Biposy confirmed no cancer cell, they were so happy and even threw kenduri kesyukuran, invited children from orphanage to come along. Bleehh, I told them it was only infection. (I do love my opah. Who says I don’t?)

22. Some of my aunties started to believe this is a bad luck. First, my maklong got admitted to ward because of hypoglycemic episode, then my grandmother, then my sister, and now my cousin. I remain calm, because that’s what I always do.

23. Watched Alice in Wonderland 3D. It was okay.

24. Watched Clash of Titans. It was awesome.I wish it was 3D, then it would be awesome awesome.

25. Woke up at 10 today. Rushed to McD for breakfast before the clock turns 11.

26. Witnessed an accident last few days. I was so traumatized I even dream about the accident where my mother tells me that they couldn’t save the guy. He died because of brain aneurysm. Stupid dream.

27. I just realized, I have thousands of songs in my folder and some of them I don’t really know. So, I clicked the ‘Play All’ icon, and I sang along. They are so many of them, took me almost 2 week to finish the whole playlist.

28. Glee season 2 is coming out. Too bad, I’ll have my finals coming up, so please please please jangan tweet or post FB status saying “ OMG Glee is super awesome!” or “I love Glee. Aghhhhh season 2 is incredible”. Shadap shadap

29. Tiger Woods is one nasty guy. Same goes to Jesse James. Poor Sandra Bullock.

30. I know I said this before. But, I think Justin Bieber needs to be some plain normal guy before he can sings about love songs and makes a music video of him checking out girls at some bowling valley. For god sake, you are 16 or maybe 17, I dont even know your age, I prefer you help your mother doing housechores.

31. And Gaga. You are one nasty,nasty bitch. I love all of your songs anyway.

32. House is so quiet. Everyone starts studying. I should start too.


anisizatyA.J said...

Finally updateees! Heehhe weh tk sabar nk tunggu gleeeeee! Wheee weh lek ah viva shmiva, lek lek. Kena chill. Haa ckp hai kt AJ utk aku hehe cpt kemas meja dia. Weh breakfast mcd? Btw aku nk tgk titans tu esok kot hehe and bila nak ckup 100hari??? Aku da kim slm kt dyla daa

mus said...

bru ak perasan nicknamed ak kt blog list ko as musplit identity.siot2.hahaha.selamber je ko vye

Mar marfez said... new anyway

dyla ishak said...

international call mahal eh? hahahah

PCOS tu ape name panjang die weh?

lawak gile fam ko pasal opah tuh..lawak nak matiii hahhaha

vYe said...

annes : viva shmiva... hahahah cute.. aku xckp 100ari lg weh...

mus: alaaa kau kan split identity.. saje je..hahahhaa

Nadea said...

dyla : PCOS - Polycistyc ovarian syndrome...

family aku over dramatic ahhh...