Friday, April 23, 2010

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn

Some people just hate commercial break, just like my dad. He switched to any channel that doesnt have commercial break everytime the channel that he's watching is on break.
Yeah, I dont like commercial break. Especially when you are watching RTM, not to brag about it (stesen kerajaan woo, nanti kena saman)

But, I cant help falling in love with this commercial ad.

Please watch this.

And here is another version

I love the fact that it is real in every scene and the idea of putting every man inside the storyline. I just recognized few people so far, Mike Rowe - Dirty Jobs, Bear from Man vs Wild,and those two geniuses from Mythbusters and Optimus Prime-of course.

I am geek, my sister forced us watching Discovery Channel in many ways. Insulting is one of them. Yes, I dont watch Akademia Fantasia, not that I want to, but it is forbidden inside the house.

So, goosebumps already? If not, you just not quite there to see that the world is awesome.
The World is Just Awesome. I'd say, it would be great to be an international world anthem. Boom De Yada everyone?

"save the planet"? The planet answers like Rhet Butler: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn"
Let's delete the arrogant "save the planet" motto, and change to "educate the humans"

Happy Earth Day!

P/S: I like this Listerine ad where this guys keeps gargling all the time, and when during meeting, his boss smacked the table. Hahaha so funny. I couldnt find the Youtube videos.
I know you remembered.

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dyla ishak said...

boom deyada boom deyada boom deyada.

save the catsss!