Saturday, July 17, 2010

Still hanging on even living with severe CTS.

Rumah dah pasang streamyx. Housemates are super cool.
Well, we're not really talking anyway.
The speed is super fun. Harini dapat download 4movies in less than 3hours.
I guess, I wont be missing Chuck Grey's Anatomy and Glee on September.

I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
I decided to bandage my wrist with whatever I found.

It helps with the pain when im typing or using mouse.

Because the speed is super fun, and I got nothing else to do.
Presentation of my thesis proposal is over, I decided to post about my industrial training.
We were sent to different places under the subject of Occupational Safety and Health.
I got lucky, I was sent to Majlis Ekuin Malaysia(MEM), to observe and actually experience the work in equine industry.

So, there were 6 of us. MEM sent us to different places each week.
The first week, - Unit Berkuda DBKL, Tmn Tasik Titiwangsa

So here, we learned everything about horse management 101. From stable management,grooming,riding to putting on a horseshoe.
It was fun. SUMPAH!!!!

This is lungeing. In case, you didnt know.
Its a word of 'saja bawak kuda jogging,kasi keluar peluh' sort of thing.

Pasang ladam kuda.
Spot that awesome guy? Itu Lans Koperal Mohd Noor.
Yes, dia awesome and probably married. WHAT??Shit.

Yes, DBKL the breast!! I mean, the best!!

The second week, we were assigned to Riding School, Selangor Turf Club.
Personally, I think they didnt care much about the horses, and dont let me start on the equipments they used for grooming the horse.
Most important thing is, dekat sini, kaw2 kena buli!
Stable boy tengah nak buli kami la tu.

The only interesting part is, the coaches here were actually not that bad. (Mark my word : STABLE BOY only)
We got the opportunities to actually ride a horse. Bukan joy ride tau, ni real ride punya.
Well, its actually harder than it looks.
That's my coach. His name is Zainal, but he asked us to call him Uncle Jo.
I dont know why. haha

Since stable boy suka buli kami, we always came out with excuse to walk around the area and not going inside the stable.
The scenery was breathtaking. OMG!
So, we camwhore. A lot!

The third week, we were sent to MAFEC, TUDM Sg Besi.
MAFEC stands for Malaysia Armed Forces Equestrian Centre.geddit?
So, during this week, we need to organize an event called Riding for Disabled-inhouse Competition.
It was basically an annual event where this special kids around KL/Selangor came and have some fun.
Oh Im in love!

Well, kadang2 kami buat perangai jugak.One day we sneaked out early for lunch. We went to MIHAS. Haha. MIHAS sumpah best!
Eat till you drop dead!

Since, everyday balik from MAFEC kene go through Istana Negara.. and setiap kali balik jugak lah, my friend Ili akan wondering
"Eh pengawal istana tu memang tak gerak ke?"
"Eh kalau kita cakap dengan die, die reply tak?"
"Eh kalau kita hulur makanan, dia amik tak?"
So, we figured, kasi can laa kat Ili solving her puzzle.

On our last day at MAFEC, we stopped at Istana Negara.
And yes Ili, diorang boleh cakap. Tapi tak boleh bukak mulut, keluar suara je. Tu pun slow.
And kenapa kau tak test hulur makanan kat dia?LOL

Then, we came back to MEM and did a presentation on our 3weeks findings.
When everything is finally over, all I need is a nice weekend with wonderful people.


Mar marfez said...

kuang3 kurusssss, x payah edit..mmg real kurus....tahniah

vYe said...

hoi mana ada edit...
xmain ahh edit2..

anisizatyA.J said...

Perghhhh.aku bru nak ckp kurus, kwn ko da ckp.nmpak sgt aku skang da bole tell diff if org tu makin kurus or not instead of jwb "nmpak cm biaseeee je" hahahahha

vYe said...

yela dah ari2 kene mandikan,groom kuda apa sume...
blom kuda degil,sparuh mati nk handle.
mmg ah kurus.

nape wei?ko xreti beza org makin kurs ngan nmpk cm biasa je???