Thursday, July 8, 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow

Its been a while. I haven’t posted any entries like months.
So many things I wanna drop here.

  1. I moved into my new house.
Nah, I don’t like my new home. Its at the 10th floor.
I know! Rendah gila kan? Saya gayat, tolong!! God, I really miss my old ohh-so-awesome-at-20th-floor house.

Well, this time, I took the single room.I got new housemates plus Im in final year. So, Iam so sick with this whole Hi-my-name-is-vye-you? bullshit. Biarlah, kera sumbang pun, tak pelik.Kalau pelik pun,apa kau peduli?

Just a plain student house. Nothin much

The kitchen

well, at least it has awesome view.

my super small room. Just enough space for all my things. Im sorry girls, I don’t think there will be another sleepover. Too small for even 2persons.
Because it is too small, i dont bother tidying things up.

2. Ran a marathon

It supposed to be a fun run with girlfriends. Turned out, only I and Dyla did the run. The run was so awesome and the both of us decided to run another marathon on August.

3. Climbed up a hill

4. Having fun with girlfriends that don’t require shopping malls.

We were so sick of meeting at shopping malls. Because it is middle of the year, the sale is everywhere and most of us are broke. I feel sick step into shopping malls.
So, we did many things which we all later realized that shopping mall isn’t fun afterall. There are so many things out there that we never explore.

Smashed my condo’s swimming pool

Visited a fun farm



Gettin crazy

Threw an awesome surprise birthday party

Happy birthday,Shiela

Visited Pelita almost every week. I don’t know what has gotten into me.

  • Trying out the best food in town. Thanx Chana, kau memang patut ganti Maria Tunku Sabri. In fact, kau lagi better dari dia.
  • Baked a cake and made breakfast. Ohh yeah these came under sleepover.

Alas,my friend
Im stepping into final year.
I dont think Im ready for this, ever.


anisizatyA.J said...

Aaaaaaa!!!! Nak ikot panjat bukittt!!!

vYe said...

nanti kita panjat gunung nuang..
kalau aku ada masa..hahaha

vYe said...
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dyla ishak said...

asl ko tak ready nak final year? sbb ko taknak abes belaja, pastu keje, pastu kawen pstu beranak, pastu LIFE end. hahahahahhaha
aku sokong

vYe said...

mesti ahh xready, rasa macam da tua...
betol2.. pas belaja, keje,kawen beranak.. life aku da over once aku dpt anak!!!