Sunday, December 19, 2010

There goes my holiday. pfft

Im back at my home sweetest home, PlazaRah. Wait,if PlazaRah is my home sweetest home, what about my real home??? Hermmm I guess my real home,I would call- heaven.

So,my semester break has officially ended. This is my last break before Im having a nice real break. Yeah, Im graduating in 5months yo. So, new semester, please end very soon. Im sick of you.

We only had 4weeks of holiday but we, the final year students must devote our precious holiday for data collection. Yes,thesis is one pain in the ass. Lucky for me, I choosed 2centres to conduct my research which are NASAM Ampang and NASAM Ipoh, 2weeks at each centre. In that way, I could at least spend 2weeks at home rather than spend the whole holiday in KL.

Being a mengada person, I couldnt stand being so lonely at KL so I only been at NASAM Ampang for a week, then I headed back home to conduct my reasearch for 3weeks at NASAM Ipoh.

NASAM was awesome. NASAM Ipoh was superb. The staffs are super nice, the people are amazing. I had a good time of my life.

Most clients here are Chinese. And most of them couldnt speak English or Malay, they only speak Cantonese.
And I had some help from this super nice physiotherapist,Irene (the one in black shirt) to sit with me and translate the whole test to Cantonese.
I owed her big time. Lupa nak belanja her steamboat.

So,Christmas is around the corner. The celebration at NASAM is quite happening.
I helped decorate the tree,yo! Ok just hanged one ornament. Thats all.

And here,we are now preparing for one Christmas event next week. So, everyday all you hear is people rehearsing and singing Christmas carol.
It was fun,really!

My holiday was not really fun. For 3weeks, I was not really on top of my health. I had massive diarrhea for 4days, then when I thought I had recovered, I had a fever, then after fever subsided, I had severe sore throat(which in case I couldnt speak as much as I did, finished half a bottle of Listerine) then a flu which is just wont go away. SHITE!!!

My parents were at Mecca,so I was a total broke. Didnt go out as much as I did. Havent eaten prosperity burger. Only went to Mapley a few times to have Roti Milo because it was way cheaper than Prosperity Burger. Havent watched Harry Potter.

Luckily technology invented TV. I survived by only watching TV the whole day. Nahh no big deal. Nowadays we have Masterchef, Topchef, CakeBoss, Criminal Minds, Bones, Are you Smarter than A 5th Grader, Mythbusters, Ghost Lab and many more. Seriously, I watched them all!


anisizatyA.J said...

Teringat ko wat test kt opah aku. Hahahahaa so funny!

vYe said...

opah kau yg funny.haha