Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sehari dengan public transport

OT assignment~

i dunno wuts the name exactly, but basically my group should be doing observation on public transport.
Other than observation,it involved lots of measuring which is segan gak arr nak wat.

Imagine, u have to measure every single thing.
Height of every step of the stair, width of toilet, height from floor to ticket counter bla bla
any matter involving wut OKU might be using.

We started with ChowKit monorail station, then headed to KLSentral.

It was fun anyway.

Pakcik KLStarRail,yg cool tolong bg explanation wpon kami xtanye beliau. Credit to anda!

Tren rosak,manusia ramai na mati

Sungguh xmesra OKU!

UiTM student,OT 1st year.. Gotcha!

Mane sharlinie weh?? Kesian beliau!!

Toilet for disabled@ KLSentral
From monorail - toilet-counterticket - taxi - bus

The love of my life.
Picture was taken when i had breakfast at fac. How i wish my hp is SE CyberShot!


odah said...

i think pic yg kat cafe tu yg ko send kat aku kan???hahaha

vYe said...

ade sent ekk???
damn *blush*..