Saturday, October 11, 2008

Visit to MSN

It shouldnt be called visit,supposed.
Wuts written in the time table is Musculoskeletal System Exercise for Health and Fitness at MSN,Bukit Jalil.
Supposed, we shud be doing all the praticals regarding Biomechanics.
No practical indeed.
Just visiting,some briefing, slide show, demonstration and makan - for free.
Who cares, I went there and i enjoyed every moment
the Biomechanics Lab

Our beloved lecturer aka ISN Paralympic Director

Breakfast,all on En Sahar. Have u seen Nisa dis kind of exciting?Huhu.

Only God knows wut i was doin. [ Poyo-ing I guess]
Multitasking. Eat, cover perot, pose, kenyang, listen to fana
We bumped into him at gymnasium. That was Sazali Samad ppl. Ever wonder why these 2 manusia so amazed with him?? I guess,everybody were thinking the same thing as me. OHH Sazali. I wish you could study Anatomy with me. You could be my anatomy partner.So i can palpate your sooooo freakin cool muscles. He has VERY prominent Deltoid. U can find all the 3 fibres easily.

Main purpose was to snap dis cute bro. Yam was just being a cute mannequin .

The best thing, no report to be submitted!

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