Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Police and the villain.

Its 330 am ppl. Im still right here,at the balcony, waiting for another drama. Im witnessing the coolest event of the year. Naah im kidding. Not that cool afterall lah. Nampak kereta polis kejar kereta orang jahat je. Lots of police okay.Selalu tengok dlm Tv je kan?. Gerak Khas?Roda roda Kuala Lumpur (reminds me back at primary school.What a story la weh) Okay2 maybe I prefer NCIS?CSI? or anything similar. Takkan lah Gerak Khas. The gunshot pun sounds very funny.

Anyways,Hahahaha. Nak gelak dulu. mwahaha..Huhuhuhu. Dei, gila ad haa??( refering 2 myself okay?) Me, with the over-rated level of excited~ness called Fana. I was like "Weh2 bangun laa.Nie tengok polis kejar org jahat,mcm dlm cerite Gerak khas la" .And she was like " Haa??? Mane mane?? nak tengok jugak!"

Funny funny. Damn I tell you, the chasing scene was super real ( of course la real kan, takkan diorg main2 pulak. what laa aku nie). The villain drove the black car with thousands of police cars chasing over him. This mangkuk, unfortunately almost cost a motorcyclist a life. Luckily, only his helmet fell off. What a villain. If i were you, i would have given up since the very beginning. I mean, look at the number of police cars laa wei.

Quoting Linda : Saya rasa penjahat tue pon rase bersalah sbb langgar pakcik motorcyclist tue.

-Wwahahahahhahaha. Linda linda. What la you. Dia penjahat, sure xrase guilty. At all.

Im lucky living at the 20th floor. Witnessing from high above, i tell you, super cool laa weh.The police cars were everywhere.And produced noisy sound too. Sometimes i wonder, wouldnt be nice if they chase the villain, without turn the siren on? If they turn on the siren, of course la the villain would run away once hears the sound. Then, I learned, maybe ( i did mention maybe) the siren is for another drivers. To inform them that ,sorta like this "We are currently chasing a super dangerous man in the world here. So, boleh x korang ke tepi,jgn block jln aku!" Makes sense kan?Mwahahaha.

Whoever the villain was, I hope they manage to caught u. Serve you right la. Dah la jahat, and caused trouble to the policeman lak to kejar you. Then they put the stupid siren. then this whole building cannot get sleep. What a loser! Causing trouble to everyone. No wonder la people called you 'penjahat' Cause you mmg jahat.

What im saying is, i am stupid for posting this stupid blog. Polis kejar org jahat je. Forgive me. This is a syndrome of couldnt-get-enough-sleep + still-cannot-go-to-bed + lotsa things to study + hungry + excited + sleepy-actually.


linda said...

mmg pnjht 2 rs bersalah,
maybe wak2 dia dlm penjara nnt r.menunggu saat hukuman gantung ke.
ke dh byk sgt keje jht dia,smpai x igt y mn tuk disesali.haha.

x pe post cita2 mcm ni,stkt byk2 blog y sy bc,x de plak cita psl polis2 ni.

apsal word verification tuk comment ni ad lmbg oku ha?mcm x patut je lmbg 2 d situ--ayat agak hypersensisitvty dr seorg ot.

vYe said...

rsenye penjahat 2 xmnyesal lg.. sbb die xkene tgkap lg.. pg nie ade lg adegan kjar mngejar.. tp siang nie byk motor polis lak.. nnt die dah nak mati sgt kot bru die mnyesal.. muahahahahah

yeke??xpnah lak pasan psl word verification tuh..xpe2.. nnt aku call blogspot admin.. kasi marah skit kat diorg.. melanggar resmi OT ni...muahahahah...