Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Im suffering from PSA

I came across this blog, and I think that I may suffer from PSA (Pet Society Addiction). I am currently obsess with Buchanan's needs, collecting paw points, collecting more and more coins,dressing, feeding him, enlarge his social circle, make him poo and still waiting for the great GOLDEN POO *woot woot*. Pet Society is just disgusting which I loive the most.

According to the blog's author, there are few signs indicate that you may be at risk of Pet Society Overdose.
  • You feel intense pleasure and guilt when playing Pet Society.
  • You lie about how much time you spend on Pet Society.
  • You curse loudly at your computer when your pet falls during a hurdles race.
  • You neglect to clean your real house, favoring to decorate your pet’s house instead.

my room looks hell

  • Pet poo excites you.
Buchanan finally pooped

I would like to add some more

  • You wake up early in the morning just to check your daily lottery
  • You add anonymously those pets at cafe to collect more coints
  • You ask your siblings,friends, friend's sister, cousins, paklang, maklong, tok chik to join PS so that your pet can visit his/her.
  • You hardly push your pet to find coins between trees, ask him to jump rope, play frisbee, kick ball and also trying so hard to make your pet poo.
  • You feel terribly guilt whenever there is no internet access.

Ohh PS.Please give me GOLDEN POO.

Yes, I am obsessed! God, help me. Midterm in 2weeks time. (Slap me and send me to me mama).

P/S: Terima kasih kepada warga Kampung Sungai Merab, Bangi kerana memberi setandan setongkol seikat rambutan kepada saya.

Me rambutan


anisizatyA.J said...

hahahaha..teringin nak g bilik baru ko doh

dyla ishak said...

eee rambutan...
asal rambut ko cm len?? ko potong eh?

buchanan gile weh
die dapat penyakit
aku baru diagnosis
gile sebb poop die susah nak kua
toksik nek kat otak

vYe said...

annes : bilik baru aku kcik dow..bile kcik cpat lah bsepahnye...

dyla: nape rmbutan len mcm???cmtu lah bentuk rmbutan..ko dh lupe eh bntuk rmbutan?
buchanan sihat jela weh..aku soh die poop die dnga je...die baik..die sihat..