Saturday, May 8, 2010


I went back to KL, got class for a week. Class started on Monday 3rdMay,so I got back few days earlier for Iron Man 2. Of course I didn’t wanna watch it at Ipoh. Those people are ridiculous, they talk and tell stupid jokes inside cinema and they laugh over something that is not funny. They act like a bunch of giraffes. Yeah whatever, I don’t care.

By the way, Iron Man 2 is awesome and Kick Ass is really kicking ass. And Jonathan Groff is gay. I know, it kills me!

Before the class started,I went out like everyday with my friends. But still, I just have nothing to do.

I finished watching 2seasons of Scrubs. And watched Ugly Betty +Grey’s Anatomy+ House. Then I listened to country songs, they make me feel like a rockstar. Watched a couple episodes of How I met Your Mother, then I get bored, watched Scrubs again. Never get tired of it. Then back-to-back playing Glee songs, sing my heart out, dance my crap out. Watched some movies Myra gave me – The BackUp Plan (Don’t watch it if you dont have the whole ideas of American Dream, having family and kids. No, don’t watch it. Its creepy.) Then, when I reached the point I just don’t know what to do, I lie down, watch the fan and ceiling.

For only 3days of wandering around I started to miss my back-home daily routine. Wake up and skype-d by Dyla “ weh kau tido lagi ke?? Bangun la. Aku dah ngantuk ni”. Chat, share some stupid Wikipedia info or we just video chatting, singing Glee songs together.

Then,hit the gym, get back home, watch Oprah, watch CSI’s . Sleep throughout the day, pick up mommy from work, waste some time, watch Oprah, and watch some Scrubs and sleep. I know, its boring. Who cares, I loved it anyway.

Yes, I have reached the point I reach out my Pathology book and study. What was I doing? Exam is over, and yet there I was studying the freaking Pathology. Boredom not only kills, it turns you psychotic!

And I thank God, I safely reached Ipoh tonight. Ohh I miss cyber world. Lots of catch up gotta do. And I can get back of my ol dull daily routine.


ppwen said...

oik,piqah!add me in skype,

and you watched soooooooooooooo much drama and movies.....zzz,i'm boring in taiping tooooooo...huh!

vYe said...

watched too much siries, and still get use..

ok.. i'll add u at skype.... later we chat ok?

ppwen said...

hahaha,watch ghost movie is better...hoho..ya,add me,then we chat there...^^

anisizatyA.J said...

weh update ah salu.ko niiii bosan ah cmniiii

vYe said...

dah update laaa satu ni..

dyla ishak said...

hahahaha bace patho cardio lah tuhhh

Nadea said...

hahahha dyla, mana kau tau?
ko mmg leh read mind aku..

dyla ishak said...

oh well, aku kan ade psychic