Saturday, August 16, 2008


I look into my purse, only RM28 left. I had my lunch today. That was a combination of breakfast-lunch-dinner for single day. Im totally broke. I only have around Rm1000 left. Thats the only money left that im gonna be using until the end of the semester which is around early of November.

Damn it.Where all the money dissapeared??Am i too boros?? hahaha ayunie called me 'si pemboros'. i guess, i totally am. i bought my bicycle which is super duper cool. the coolest bicycle through out kampung baru. then, i had my chronic-prolong-dream handbag. I bought my baju raya, numbers of wedges, n few other stuff that i could never possibly list here.

I need money. but im too shy shy to ask for my parents. My dad agreed to support my broadband bill for every month. i couldnt ask for more eventhough i knew that he will agree to give more money for my spending. but, my pride is all i have. i have rm5400 scholarship for every semester, and i still asking money from parents??? shame on me.. gonna die.


dyla said...

you wont die, trust me..
tapi ko kene tahan diri dari mendekati pasar juadah bulan puase ni hahhahha

vYe said...

damn it dyla..
xpe..dah slal buat every year..
beli bubur lambok ake kd juadah berbuka..
rm2 sahaje..itu pon suda kenyang.

MissMea said...

hey girl... relax... dun b shame.... aku pu mengalami masalah yg sama tuk sem ni... huhuhuk aku pun tadak duit gak!!!!!! erm.... nape jpa tak naik scholar lagi yek?