Sunday, August 24, 2008

The maybe-last-get-together meet up!

I have my midterm exam tomorrow. My scariest paper, Biomechanics. But, yet, here i am. Reminiscing memories with my girls.

Today, i went to Dyla's.She was having dis kenduri. To celebrate (shud i say celebrate? i hv no idea) her wit all dis flying stuff. hahahaha. She is leaving to Ireland, UCD ( University College of Dublin ). Am i rite dyla?? She's taking Medicine. How cool is that ppl??? I think it is superb.

That was maybe the last time i might be seeing her. Now everyone is leaving. Annes went to Makasar, Fatin to Medan, Lye and deanna to India, Chacha to Aussie, Husna to Egypt, Dyla is going to Ireland, Has also going to Czech Republic, and soon, Mira leaving to UK.Me?? still stuck here. Bumi yang xberapa indah tetapi sejuk mata memandang walaupun cuacanya panas. well, its okaay. Bcoz, they all made me proud. Seriously!

Nada's new car.

Riddy acting childish (aku xbagi restu ko kawen ngan dyla kang! dush2!)

Im gonna be missing dis particular room for the next 5 yrs.

The girls. And nada was being a truly UIA student. I heart that. huahuaha

Nada's as-usual-habit and Nab's new addiction. Messin with my hair.

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