Friday, August 15, 2008

Grey's Anatomy season 5 comin up!!!

I heard rumours that Grey's anatomy season 5 is about to out. OMG!!! I really cant wait. the season 4 was sooo short,hectic and chaos. but still awesome. i cant wait 2 know what hapen with the re-take intern exam for Omalley, the alex and rebecca thingy..hohoho i luv the ending where rebecca admitted to psychiatric. i hate her. and the lesbo thing?? omg i cant believe callie with erica hahn. seriously, i hate meredith. but atleast, im hoping the ending would be she and derek.

besides, i love the Mclanguage.where they called derek is mcdreamy, mark sloan is mcsteamy. and most of the Mc usage like Mcyummy, Mcvet, Mcdog, Mcnasty, Mchottie. ahahahaha.. Christina is sooooooooo funny, alex is sooooooo hot and izzie is soooooooo pretty.. i just love them.

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