Thursday, August 14, 2008

How i miss my school..


I miss my school sooo damn much...i had two secondary school but obviously i love most my 2nd one. My one and only mrsm transkrian. damn it. i wish i could turn back time. during school time. how we, err i mean my girlfriends and i breaking rules. we skipped class, we sneaking into 'ds' (dewan selera) just to watch the ending of the matrix reloaded. we ruined the 'girls nite'..ahh it was not out fault anyway. we were just trying to be teenagers. yep we were teenagers and we still teenagers.

so, i googled onto 'mrsm transkrian'. there u go..ahhhh my lovely school. but what the heck??? i found the name of mr shamshuri at the organizational chart. he is now the HEP at my school. damn it! he was HEP at my previous college, and now he was transferred to transkrian??? well2.. i didnt know him that much. i just knew that he is funny and could be rude sometimes. but, its okaay. i just love the unity style that mara using. eventhough i was in my college year, i still can meet my former teachers and principal. remember the unity thing??? when my college had annual dinner, most of the mrsm principal will be invited. not forgetting the 'hari kerjaya',graduation nite, and so on n so forth.

dearie teachers n principal. no matter how u said things to us, no matter how some of u treated us like bullshit. we knew that u all just wanted to grow a bunch of humans. good human. and so we are. we made our teachers proud. i got selected here. one of the best uni at msia, most of my friens had gone on their separate ways at the other side of the world. we are human, teachers! a good one.

to this bunch of ppl,, i just want to say thank you. u all made me a person. i never ever gonna thank you all as much as what u have done to me.

Mr Maznan - my dearie BM teacher.
Mr Kamil - My english n EST teacher. u rocksss sir..
Miss Saidah - My physics teacher.
most importantly is Mr yusoff - our lovely principal. i remember your quote till my dying day. 'When better is expected, the best is still not enough'


we were graduating

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dyla said...

i miss my school too..
MRSM TRANSKRIAN 0405 rock!!!!!!!