Saturday, November 1, 2008

What I Want

For this very moment, with the entire mode mixing up (you know I had this exam thingy going on), Ive been craving for many things.

  1. Be the ninth caller at Fly Fm to win a chance to meet Chris Brown in person at Manila. Chris Brown, ive been waiting for this moment to meet you. I’d give the world to meet you. Apparently, I cant sing or whatever-the-action-is to call and impressed the DJ. With this final exam is going on,… dammmit!!! I really want to meet him.
  2. Watching movie. I have a buy-one-get-another-one-free GSC coupon I got for dining in at one of the restaurant at Pavilion with Mea months ago. The coupon valid date is 1 November. Yep, today. Dammit. I wish I could’ve use the coupon long ago.
  3. I want Chillis! Its been almost a year since I had my last Chillis-ing session. The last time was with Nada and Ben. Damn, since Pavilion existed, we’ve been forgetting Chillis. The other reason is probably the Tepanyaki spot that we discovered at Pavilion food court that is so sedaap and affordable.
  4. Going back home, and finish downloading Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 until episode 6. I only managed to download until episode 5 due to the internet speed that is super lembap. Other than that, Gossip Girl season 2 has released till episode 8, I guess. I only have until episode 4. Damn Im so yesterday!
  5. Eagerly waiting for Grey's Anatomy episode 6 uploaded thru Youtube. Since there is no way that im gonna be back home in anytime soon, i'll update myself with the series through Youtube. Unfortunately, they only uploaded till episode 5. Cant wait to see Christina and Dr Hunt. They make pretty perfect couple. Then Burke will come back and feel like shit. No la, that part i made it up. I love Burke though.
  6. I hope of miracle to happen. Miracle such as when im entering the shoppin mall, I won the RM5000 voucher for being the 1billionth visitors. They you go, im broke, in the simpler word. So I hope for anyting in particular to happen since I need, and I really need to get my pre and post exam therapy for soul. Translation : I need money to go shopping.
  7. Finish going through all this academic stuff. Not just go through, what I really meant is understand and able to memorize each and every single of them. Its a lot, I tell you.Hope of not dying within this exam war.
  8. I want exam to end soon. Damn I hate exam. Nobody likes exam though. Do you? I think whoever likes exam, deserve himself to be circumsiced ( for 2nd time,perhaps?)
  9. Kill those mat rempit(s) or tell them to go merempit at somewhere else. They driving me crazy with those cheap stupid bike. I need to study,moron! Its not something I do everyday, so can you all atleast spare me one day for my study day.
  10. What exactly I want is stop posting this stupid post and continue my study. Ohh I wish I really wished for that.

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