Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hurray Hurray

Hello Hols,

Yep! Finally,finals is over. Damn i cant believe that finals is really over.
Is it really over?? OMG!! Thankgoodness!

Speaking of finals, Damn i tell you. Finals was one heck form of torture.
Books + study + lack of many nite-sleeps + craving of foods + tremendously difficult questions = symptoms of schizophrenic attack!!!

Let me put it this way. Lemme describe the difficulty level of each subject. One subject at a time okay?
Pathology - OK laaa
ITC- Ermmm
PTC- Ermmm
Biomechanics- Quite Yep
Kinesiology- NO no NO no
Pharmacology- Ermm URghhh warghhh DAMMMIT BIG CAPITAL LETTERS of NO!


To me, finals is much more torturing than SPM. Anyways, I'm glad its really over. I cannot describe how glad I am with such words.


These were taken during studyweeks. Err I meant that the hectic studyweeks.

Yep,it leads to mental depression.

*Ehem ehem* While camwhoring is fun


What a relieve! Yeay!!

Am having therapy for my pathetic soul. Ahaks, I shop till I broke. Of course, I am broke!

And the sleepover. Sleepover was fun. Especially with Myra and Afiq. Had a lot of chitchatting, gossipping, shopping, bowling, facebook-ing, nintendo-ing etc etc... Unfortunately, lack of camwhoring. Having so much fun till forgot to camwhore somemore.


Damn,i know im a little bit exaggerating. Pardon me! Its the post-exam syndrome.

Anyways,im saying goodbye to semester 1. You are off to go baby!! And never hope to meet you again.


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