Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why I quit my voluntary work

  1. Abah got into accident last week. My car (not my car actually) broke down twice today. So, transportation is indeed a really major problem.
  2. Cristmas is coming soon. Celebration at Yayasan is coming up too. Damn i hate to be involved in those decorating, handling performance etc....Plus, it would be super busy at there. Enough for me to wake up at 630 every morning and get back 630 everyday.
  3. Have to go back to KL next week and spend the next 2weeks there. It will be too demanding if I request for 2weeks leave.
  4. I cant stand had to find places to get my Zohor done everyday since Yayasan got no surau at all.
  5. JaiKumar started giving me tis and tat sorta projects. I dont want to do any extra homework.
  6. JaiKumar started planning for my own treatment session for the next following weeks. Damn, I scared!!!

However,its very hard for me to say goodbye. I took several hours to make the resignation letter. 2 weeks, I almost remember all the names of the clients. Can you imagine that?

I miss my job. Full time therapist, teacher, clerk, even translator ( you see, Jaikumar cannot speak Malay and most of clients cannot speak English as well)

Damn!!! Im gonna miss everyone there. Especially the clients. Cute kids, cute kids, cute kids. What else could i ask for more???

  1. Without a single doubt, Ooi Jia Jian, you are the cutest kid in the whole wide world.
  2. Lee Poi Yee, you are the prettiest Chinese girl I've ever seen
  3. Wong Siew Lin, you are still my most favourite patient.
  4. JayaKumar, most ambitious and determined man.
  5. The adorable Kailash, i heart you very much!!!!
  6. The talkative yet charming kid. Anas Zulfaqar.
  7. The goodlooking physiotherapist (name should not be mentioned for the sake of anonymity)

Thanks a bunch guys for this priceless experience.



Finally, can wake up at 12 noon everyday, off to bed at 5am every night, online till my laptop explode.

off to bed. (WTF?? Its 945 only) arghhh i handled autistic cases all day long okaay. Im exhausted as hell!


peiwen said...


vYe said...

y crazie???
im cute!!!

odah said...

cute??r u sure vye???
peiwen,where r u??

vYe said...

yep im cute..