Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year end Family Holiday

Date : 28-29 December
Venue : Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre

Nuff said. The place was okaay but the water was freakin damn cool.
Not to say much, just pictures.

Nasib baik ada that 'thing', kalo tak everyone surely lemas.

I didnt camwhore much, so just uploading everyone else's pics.

On the night, we all celebrated my uncle's birthday. Damn cool because it was raining.

My narcissist family XD

~Some random pics~

The Simple Plan wannabe, konon

My big family


under the rainbow said...

cool gile gamba lompat..hehehe

vYe said...

ko buat laa weh..
aku slalu buat..
tp jarang yg jadi,and aku xpnah upload kat mne2..
nnt kite wat together2 k?