Monday, September 1, 2008

Stop calling yourself a Muslim if u'r not!

1 Ramadhan.

Aku diragut oleh 2org bangsa Melayu aka beragama Islam. bukan diragut, tetapi hampir diragut. I was walkin to monorail station while replying my friend sms, there were these 2 bullshits, all of sudden came very close 2 me and the one at the back try 2 snatch my hp. Holy crap!!! sumpah aku terkejut. Thank God,aku dikurniakan dua belah tgn yg besar, so bab2 gelut menggelut nie, sure laa aku menang kan???

The point is, how can someone, on the very 1st day of Holy Ramadhan, doing this ugly thing?? what were they thinking?? stealing someone else handphone for the sake of buying a new baju raya???or might be to buy karipap for bukak puasa??xtakut dosa ke bang???

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