Saturday, May 9, 2009

The best episode ever

For those who havent watched the 100th episode of Grey's Anatomy, do not read this. You'll end up like me. I've read dLa's blog first before i watch the episode. Chet!!

This is the best episode ever. The 100th episode of Grey's Anatomy. HOMAIGOD!!!. Please go and watch it. I bet if you watch it for 10th times pun, you'll still crying. The best 42minutes 11 seconds of my life!!!!!

The episode was sooo perfect. I cried like hell. I cried

  • When Izzie scratched her head and said " my hair started to fall out"
  • and Denny said : you still look good"
  • When the girl gives her speech
  • When Denny said "Im here for you Izzie"
  • When Alex cried when he knew that Izzie has another tumor
  • And my favourite scene, - the wedding.

So, I present to you, the wedding. Sila enjoy sampai muntah.

The curchie church

Alex reading his vow.
You should hear this, it was beautiful.
I am very close to cropping this part and make my ringtone.
Exaggerate! That 's me!
Perfect wedding
Beautiful couple

Edisi pandang-pandang jeling-jeling Christina and Owen Hunt
Shaddap, you both next!

Selamat Pengantin Baru
Semoga kekal ke anak cucu
Izzie's not gonna die, right Shonda?


maryam marfez said...

mati kot

vYe said...

nope xmungkin..
aku bace dlm blog shonda rhimes, die sayang role izzie lah..
die xkan buat izzie mati..

dyla ishak said...

aku nanges part alex nanges, n part omeily pegang izzie kat aisle tu... giler tol..

muke alex bahagie giler doh...aku ske alex!!!

erm erm, kalo rambut aku kerinting, jadi cm grey's nyer rambut ker eh? ke cm izzie???

vYe said...

yela weh...part alex nanges tu, heartbreaking betoll..

and part omalley pgang die..mmg tros berjurai2 airmata non-stop...dah laa lgu kat background tuh sdih nk mampos..
aku da download lgu tuh... excited gile aku google lgu tue pas tgk greys...

xnak laa izzie tu, cantik gile weh..

d L a said...

definitely not gonna die. die kawin pn ak da ngs sparuh mati, kalau die mati ak nk ngs cemane plak????

vYe said...

kalau izzie mati, i bet nanges sehari suntuk smpai mata bengkak...xkuar2 bilik,nanges je..mcm mati laki...

vYe said...

kalau izzie mati, i bet nanges sehari suntuk smpai mata bengkak...xkuar2 bilik,nanges je..mcm mati laki...

dyla ishak said...

memang la nak cm izzie..tapi bole jadi ke kat rambut itam aku ni hahahah

cmne eh, aku nervous plak nak kinting kan rambut,tapi takpe, naseb ko pon nak tuka rambut ko hehe

vYe said...

aku da tuka rmbut ok..
get that..
nnt lah aku upload memane...

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