Friday, May 15, 2009

My current status

I went to watch Wolverine for second time. OMG, it was sooo totally worth it.
Have you even watched it?
Go watch it please. Hugh Jackman is sooo freakin sexy!!
And Will.I.Am, okay awak sexy jugak.

Eagerly waiting to watch Star Trek.
Xsabar nak tengok Quinto, with that hideous shaved eyebrows.
Jangan risau, saya masih cinta kamu.
I laughed when I saw Chana's status at Ym
saying " nak tengok rambut tempurung Sylar dalam Star Trek"
Okay, your tempurung hair is quite funny, Quinto.

So, anyone?
But, like I said once, "kalau tengok Quinto kene tengok sorang2.
Tak best tengok ramai2. Tak feel lah"
Dont worry. Im not freaky sebab tengok wayang sorang.
Just give us some space,please?

Speaking of Quinto, I found one video at Youtube about to him.
Entitled - ' I wanna have your babies'
So, pardon me jika saya menggunakan tajuk ini untuk my YM status afterwards.

I went to eat stemboat at Johnny's.
Sila percaya I've never been to Johnny's for the past 21 years of my life.
And Ive never tried steamboat before.
And never even knew what the hell is steambot.
I meant,I've heard of it, but never would have thought how it tastes like.
Steamboat is awesome.!!
Pasti pergi lagi.!!

I just beat Ridhuan in Geo Challenge.
Take that Ridhu, I beat you.
Susah betol nak beat high score kau.
Im starting to watch Greek.
Terima kasih dLa and Annes.
Cerita ini sungguh awesome.
Rusty sangat2 innocent,
and Cappie? HOMAIGOD, you are awesome!!

I dont give a single damn of whatever happening at Perak right now.
It's funny because I was the only one who cared everything that happened before.
I guess, Im just tired of this political issue.
Orang Perak tak pandai berpolitik.
Menang sorak, kampung tergadai.
Stop saying you care about rakyat,
in fact, you both just the same.
Gila kuasa!

Cant wait for Grey's Anatomy season finale.
2-hour episode.
I bet, it must be really good.
I pray for that.
Shonda, make that happen,pleaseeee?

And quit babbling.
Harus pergi tidur sekarang.
Tomorrow gonna take my lil bro to hospital.
He's suspected for dengue.
So, kena bangun awal tomorrow.
So, yes gambar.
Nah, gambar!

I dunno why I upload this.I just thought it is quite cool.

Mind the guy.
Itu Bob Harper dalam The Biggest Loser.
I think he is hotttttttttttttt.
Yes, his ass is freaking sexy.

Quinto again. Sila perhati photo ini. Sekali imbas, macam Dr House pulak.



anisizatyA.J said...

hhehhee..welcomed..actually kwn aku yg recommend greek eh? aku bru igt nk try this wekend..heee..btw gile babi hot gamba sylar tuu..dang...n die dlm startrek pon cute dgn rmbut mangkuk tu..hehehe..and yeap wolverine besssstttttt :))

d L a said...

sumpah johnny's best. tmpt makan wajib ak duh. kalau johnny's kt JJ tu tutup ak meraung blk msia nnti.

vYe said...

annes : greek best dow...try laa weh..klaka gle babi cte tuh...aku gelak je kejenye..
sylar mmg hot..sume gmba die hot.aku nak tgk star trek!!!tp kene jage adik yg denggi di rumah ni..

dLa: cis!! aku xtau lgsong psl johnny's tue..sbb die tulis thai aku ingat die jual tomyam,nasi paprik..aku dah arr xske gile tomyam..

ppwen said...

tak pernah steamboat??come my house lah,always steamboat 1..hahaha

vYe said...

haih..izit sooo weird because i never had steamboat before???
is everyone had their steamboat already???
homaigod...damn its embarrassing..

ppwen said...

abit loh,coz steamboat not very special,but u never had it...a bit weird..hahhaa

vYe said...

oh really???i had no idea...
damn so embarassing..