Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am Callie Torres!

As much as I want it to be Izzie Stevens, I gotta admit, this is absolutely so true man. Lemme re-write the statement. For those who are so lazy to double click at the picture or hit the Ctrl + buttons.
" You are very confused and upset about your love life. You feel like you never do the right things, and can't make great decisions. Sure you're great at your job and are somewhat smart, but you never believe the things people tell you like "you're pretty" or "you're a lifesaver". You take life as it comes, day by day, and you live in the moment.. "
So, who are you?
Meredith Grey
Christina Yang
Alex Karex
George O'Malley
Miranda Bailey maybe?
Sorry, I just cant get this off my head. I will never get over with Grey's Anatomy.
Shonda, no matter what you did to me, Im still here, watching your siries. No matter how cruel you killed Izzie and George, Im still watching your siries.
I was soo supportive but you broke my heart!


maryam marfez said...

mana rambut baru?? nak tgk..

vYe said...

rmbut baru???byk snap xupload2 gak...later ahh..

dyla ishak said...

aku meredith grey!

eh, tak mati lagi la..mesti kang nnt tetibe la dorang bangun

due2 pon tak ley mati
aku ske izzie
n george, aku ske die
die baik!!!!!!!!!!!!! waaaawawawa

vYe said...

dyla, aku google, mcm seriously both mmg leave the show laa...
izzie kate nk focus on movie career die..
omalley mmg nak leave lme da...
aku risau cm mmg mati je 2 roles tu..