Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jimat Konon!

As much as I say that I always wanted to jimat jimat and jimat,I actually letting myself to spend,spend and spend. *sigh*. I woke up this morning, received 6misscalled from Ryme to ajak me lepak around. Then,after she arrived, the 'around' transformed to confusion of making decisions wether the lepak spot should be Midval,Pavi or Klcc.

At first,of course laa we want to lepak at Midval or Klcc since thats the only way for us to get some Chillis-ing time. But then,she said "bosan laa asyik makan Western food aje" Ah-hah. Ape lagi?Pavi jom!

Oh yess,Pavi. Where else without heading to my favourite (and Annes actually) Tepanyaki spot. [Annes,aku mintak maaf makan without ko.Aku tau ko crave gile that spot]

Lepas tue,kami jumpa this Idontknowpekebendaharamntahbendenie. Macam main gendang2 je. Mwahahahahah... Owhhh.. Chinese New Year what???Patutla..I was sooo jakun. Never seen in real life. Last tengok gendang2 ni, masa kat Bainun dulu.
Here comes the membazir part.
I was soo emo,
Quoting myself : Apehal lak Forever 21 ade sale nie, celake tol! Cam tau2 je duit JPA dah masok.
I ended up trying 8clothes and almost buying all of em. As the sentence "eh kene jimat!" has become my zikirmunajat all day long, ok laa i put the 6 back, and bought only 2 of them.

Cerita ini belum habisss..
Then.we headed Jln Tar sbb Ryme nk beli selendang. Then again, I found myself buying a baju kurung and a selendang. *sigh*
Tapi murah okaay..RM10 aje.

~Some Random Photos~
Camwhoring laa. What else. Thats what we do in these days kan?

Ive been to US. wtf?


  • Ryme sesat untuk sampai ke PlazaRah. And she went to balai police to get help. wtf?
  • Lepas nie seriously kene puasa everyday.Cover back all the money spent..
  • Rasa bersalah gila dekat Mea. Semalam, told her that I was not going anywhere today, konon2 nak study.
  • My access card and matrix card sudah hilang. Xtahu jatuh dimana. Damn!
  • Xbeli tiket balik for CNY lagi. Uwaaaa!
  • Annes, aku mintak maaf gila!
  • Sape nak pegi tengok Rihanna 13Feb?Call me!


MeaBerry said...

dem! dem! dem!

vye: eh ok la mea, aku nak kuar ni, chat wit u later
mea: wtf

anda pening melihat dialog di atas? mari ni re-cap dialog mereka pada mlm smlm

mea: weh meh la dtg sni, leh kuar. g alamanda ke, bangi ke... aku nak kuar la... bosan ni
vye: ala taknak la. aku nak study ni mea. mood nk stdy ni dah dtg. bkn senang ni. aku nak study lah. xnk kuar laaa....

see... mmg haramjadahtakgunepunyemember!!! dem!!!!!

ko mmg kejam! da le shoping sakan! mmg ko patut rase bersalah!

MeaBerry said...

jap2.aku tgk, tiket rihanna tu min rm128 ok? bkn 88! tak mampu aku tau

vYe said...

aku delete comment ko kang..
celake tol...
next week ko dtg,tido luar!!!
bongok ahh...
aku nk stadi ahh nie..
on9 jap je..

ppwen said...

babe,kena marah lah...
haa...pity pity...
nex time don go out lah,study in ur room!!

anisizatyA.J said...

damn..aku rindu tepanyaki..and f21...damn damn...urgh

vYe said...

one word only for u..