Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Proper Nutrition is Important For Living!

For more than a week..ive been stuffed in bubur lambok as my juadah berbuka puasa.. me! im not into just broke! so, having bubur lambok everyday, its shud not be a problem for me ( even it is)..Then,later I realized, i found myself not fit as before. i complained of some mild heart pain and my heart beats faster than normal not during strenous activities, just cycling from Plazarah to bazaar Kg baru.

Then,Mea started membebel. She said, i didnt have enough intake of proper nutrition.I consumed just carbs everyday without enough amount of protein and vitamin and bla bla bla.. ( u know how it is sounds when mea started membebel)..

Ok since yesterday. i quit taking bubur lambok.I bought nasi campur with loootttsss of ulam-ulaman...waaaaaaaaaaaa I know how it is feel.Im very energetic. It is like totally different.I have extra attention in class ( take note.i didnt pay so much attention in class bcoz i hate lectures, but now i have my attention level a bit higher than normal). Today, i did beyond expectation during our case-study discussion. (again,i didnt take part much in group discussion. I hate case-study expecially neuro!) Thanx to proper nutrition.hahahaha

Moral of the story,even if u had no money at all, proper diet should not be taken for granted. It is affecting evrything. Your physiology, emotion, attention, cognitive abilities so on and so forth. And now, WTF??? I should quit talking crap, because i might sound like my fellow diet and nutri friends. Yuckks i hate nutri-talk. I eat wuteva i want. Stupid vYe. Dush2!!!

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