Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Today???

I woke up dis morning, i had the same painful experience as 2 years back. 2years back, i had dis plantar fasciitis, so-called the sportsman injury. I cannot walk for 2 days. I crawled, i walked with crutches, dat was hideous experience.

And today,on the day dat i've been waiting throughout the year, ihave it again. More likely, with the severe pain. i hate it so much. I should be outside by now, celebrating my day wif my friend, and yet here I am. Laying down on my bed, wif my laptop beside me. Praying and hoping that this pain would go away any minute.

My mom called me.She asked me about the condition. Sadly, she couldnt understand what i was trying to say. My mom said "too much of medical term, i cannot understand and my biology knowledge is not that much" . She said, she was having rheumatoid round wif doctor, so she passed the phone so that i can talk to the doctor myself.

*NERVOUS..NERVOUS..* (cuak tau ckp ngan doctor,kang die test anatomy skills aku,kantoi laa..)

I talked to the doctor.huhuhu.. naseb baik xde pape. Dis fellow, Dr Chan, he tembak me with loads of anatomical term. Ape laa Doc. Nasib baik aku paham. Luckily, the 1st year anatomy i didnt forget. Hehehehehehehehe.

Anyways, Dr Chan is not the main character here. I, on the other hand. am the main character,main purpose,main event of dis post. I questioned a lot.

Why today?
Why few days before raya?
What im gonna do wif my wedgeses? ( i bet dat the es refer for plural of wedges)
Am i going to raya on the wheelchair?
Am i going to be handicap?
Am i going to involve myself wif crutches again?
How long til dis pain would go away?
What have I done in my life til I got this big punishment?
Am i having some serious disease instead of plantar fasciitis?
What if,it is not plantar fasciitis? (take note dat plantar fasciitis is pain under heal, while im having pain at the lateral side of plantar, between toe and ankle)
What else could it hurt???

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