Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Distance dont keeps us apart!

2 Sept, i lost another friend. Metaphorically, yeah i lost a friend. Dyla, she already flew to Dublin.

At first, my heart was shattered. I almost cried.I kept thinking about how my daily life would be like without her and everybody around. Thinking about all those stupid theories we shared together, and of course our last Caramel Frap together. I blamed myself for not studied hard enough then i had to be left all alone. Seeing and waving my friends, one by one, it breaks my heart a lot. Then, i started to reminisce all the memories we had together. All the stupid crap jokes, the giggles, the shitting, gossiping and many other things. The memories i would never forget with my girls, how they precious most to my life.

Then i realized, how God loves me much. I thought i've been left all alone here. Then, it crossed my mind. Instead of letting go my dearie girlfriends, i still got bunch of amazing friends here. How my Peiwen, Sherlyn and Odah, still stayed by my side, by the time i need a friend most, How they made me feel ease. How Anya and Ayunie cared about me when i was almost been snatched. How Farhana bear to listen to my boring stories every single day. How Mea sent that quotes although it doesnt made me feel any ease at all, but still, i value her effort.

I thank God for this. For making my life not miserable afterall. For adding more colours in my life. For making me feel proud to have friends like them and of course my girlfriends.

There may be a distance between us, but the distance never keeps us apart.

We call this BFF

Missing : Annesh

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