Monday, September 29, 2008


Im not being over-react, its just feels sooooooooooo good having a chance to eat during Puasa. MyGOD!( I might sound so jahil rite now) Chill people. Its just, being everyone's tongue during Ramadhan, is good. I mean, u canprevent all the disasters dat might happen to ur kuih raya or ur dishes. And like today, my sisters and I, we were making muffins. Choc muffins. How cool was that?

Not really cool anyway. My sis said, sumtin is wrong wif my taste bud.. Is it???? I taste everytin just the same. I kept repeating the same answer,- "apesal mcm xrase ek???".. hahahahah

I helped my mom making Almond London. Luckily, sempat curi one and do it as my very own way. COOL sgt.. Skali tgk mcm Cupcake. hahahaha

As the trend of publicly xpuasa is so 'in' rite now, im boo-ing all the grown-ups of not puasa and stupidly makan depan public?? Bangge sgt ekk dpt title Jahil??

Dun trust me ppl??? Go to Chow Kit market during lunch time.. Also, some of Kg Baru restaurants who serve meal to customer (i mean Muslims) during dat time. Bodo nye korg!
I dont blame the law, politics, education. I blame his very self.

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