Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ITC & PTC at Bangi

One whole day at PLPP,Bangi. At first, i thot we'll be doing those intervention thingy as been told b4..Rupe2nye ktorang ade lectures on driving assessment etc. Trust me, that was one long whole day.

And i was suffering a backpain which annoyed me soo much.

Bangi, is one hell panas giler. I rather stay in KL,panas2 pon, byk skycrappers. Bole tumpang berteduh! tee~hee

Mr Sulaiman from Uitm showing us the Stroke Driver Screening assessment.

The modified vehicle for disabled. Dare u try?

Ili having her nervous breakdown.HAHAHA.1st tym bwk keta dow. Modified for OKU lak tuh.

Aku memborong sakan!Murah gile.Rm1 setin.Abusing the OKU subsidi.haha

Im showing off my super power skills.


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