Sunday, September 7, 2008


Im sick! Sick of being weak. Sick of my inability to say no when ppl needs my help. Sick of being bullied. Sick of cannot let off my anger towards the particular person. Sick of ppl taking advantage on me.

Ppl, i tried so hard. I tried to please each and everyone of you. Why dont everyone being good to each other? Understood of one's responsibilities and stop taking advantage on ppl. I believe world would be a better place if everyone behave like this.

I just need to live my life. To live like everyone else. To make a wiser decision when it is needed. Able to say no if ppl asking for my help. Wont hesitate of not being a good friend if cannot perform the friends's duty which is giving help when a friend asking for it. And stop sacrifising for other ppl's need. Because i know, at the end of the day, they wont come to me, and say 'Thank You' or 'You've been such a friend' or ' Glad to have a friend like you'.

Yes, call me 'COLD'. I dont make friend with everybody. Because i lost friends more than i make one( including those liars and backstabbers). I cannot afford to lose any other a friend. So, I try my best, my very best. Apreciating,acknowledging, sacrificing everything to my very 'few' friends. Im exhausted. I have my own limit. I wont be able to keep everything to myself forever.
So ppl. Treat me like u expect ppl treats u as well. Treat me as a human, treat me as friend. Stop taking advantage on me.Stop treating me like a bullshit. I rather not to have a single friend, if she is like you!

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